Exclusive Use Private Island Resorts in Fiji for VIP Private Jetsetters

While Fiji remains predominantly closed to the outside world amidst the COVID-19 crisis, there is a way foreign tourists can still visit Fiji Islands by exercising option for Private Island Buyouts just for your family and group of friends, Exclusive Use. The island nation has permitted ultra high net-worth individuals (UHNI’s) to visit Fiji soContinue reading “Exclusive Use Private Island Resorts in Fiji for VIP Private Jetsetters”

Unique Stays: Remote and Exclusive Hotels

There are few such experiences left on earth that capture the romance of the untamed and untainted! In COVID-Era and beyond, below are the essential key-words which will continue to inspire us to plan our future getaways in 2021 / 22, when the world opens once again to welcome us. Exclusive romantic getaways Rare andContinue reading “Unique Stays: Remote and Exclusive Hotels”

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