Botswana with Wilderness Safaris: Best Luxury Camps and Lodges in Botswana

I will start with the good news wherein a new e-visa facility has recently been introduced for Botswana. This will make the Botswana visa process seamless and hassle free.

The government of Botswana has officially launched an online visa application platform, click here to have a look. Foreign citizens (including Indian Nationals) who previously needed to apply for a visa to travel to Botswana can do this now online. Travellers may now log onto the portal to create an application, make payment, complete the visa application and upload all supporting documents. You can also check their visa status via the portal.

Click here to view all the countries that require visas for Botswana.

Now lets continue to discuss everything Botswana:

Botswana with Wilderness Safaris Luxury Camps:

About Wilderness Safaris:

They are dedicated to conserving and restoring Africa’s
wilderness and wildlife by creating life-changing journeys
and inspiring positive action.

Wilderness Safaris began in Botswana in 1983, offering rustic mobile safaris to like-minded guests who were passionate about nature and exploring the country’s remote wildlife areas. It was also the first safari outfitter at the time to realise the need for its financial benefits to flow back to the country and its people, ultimately ensuring the sustainable protection of Botswana’s diverse wilderness.

Today, Wilderness Safaris owns and operates over 40 camps/lodges and safaris in some of Africa’s best wildlife and wilderness areas; creating lifechanging journeys in seven countries: Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Its reputation and operating experience has enabled the company to successfully tender for prime leases in key wildlife areas, offering guests an unrivalled suite of camps/lodges and concessions in Africa, and, in turn, contributing materially to their ongoing conservation.

The company traverses nearly 2.3 million hectares (5.7 million acres) of prime wildlife and wilderness areas, covering parts of six of Africa’s 11 biomes (communities of flora and fauna). At the same time, Wilderness Safaris shares the benefits of ecotourism with local communities, partnering with them to ensure the future protection of Africa’s spectacular wildlife heritage.

Why Wilderness Safaris:

  • With over 35 years of experience, they are Africa’s leading ecotourism operator and offer purposeful travel in a range of the finest luxury camps.
  • They have their own office infrastructure in Botswana ensuring maximum service and attention to their guests while they are travelling with them.
  • They have exclusive access to some 2.3 million hectares (over 5.6 million acres) of Africa’s best wildlife areas. All there properties in Botswana are in Private Concessions (except Kalahari Plains in Central Kalahari).
  • They own and operate their own fleet of light aircraft – Wilderness Air – creating a seamless journey between their camps.

Benefits of Safari Experience in Private Concessions:

  • You can go Off-Road on Game Drives.
  • Night Game Drives.
  • No vehicle rush at game sightings.
  • Walking Safaris.
  • Canoeing.
  • Sleep-outs.
  • Safe, low-volume Tourism.
  • Un-spoilt free movement of wildlife.
  • Best for Photography.

Understanding Botswana and its regions:

Botswana offers perhaps the best wildlife experience on the planet – thanks to its contrasting areas and large concentrations of diverse wildlife throughout.

The miraculous Okavango Delta – in which lies the celebrated Moremi Game Reserve – with its network of channels, islands and lagoons, is complemented by the elephant corridor of northern Botswana’s private Linyanti Concession; a part of the Chobe ecosystem. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve, with its arid scenery delivers one of the most remarkable desert experiences on the planet.

• The profusion of wildlife, including predators such as lion, leopard, cheetah, hyaena and wild dog
• Exploring the blue-green Okavango Delta by mokoro (traditional canoe) or boat
• Huge herds of elephants in the Linyanti
• Walking ancient paths through the desert with a Bushman
• Flying between our camps and witnessing the truly unique and pristine ecosystem below

Okavango Delta:

The world’s largest inland delta and a World Heritage Site, the Okavango is one of the richest and most varied habitats in Africa, and ranks as a top wildlife destination.

The Okavango Delta consists of 15 000 square kilometres of water channels, lagoons and islands, forming an incredible wilderness sanctuary. Each year, floodwaters flow from Angola, over 1 000 km away, to create this incredible wetland habitat. Home to hundreds of species of animals and birds, the Delta offers the chance to spot creatures that are not often seen elsewhere, such as sitatunga, wild dog and wattled crane.

Wilderness Safaris Camps in Okavango Delta: The list is divided into Land Camps (offer only land activities and game drives), Water Camps (offer only water based activities like mokoro and boating, no land based game-drives) and Combination Camps (these are Camps which offer both Land and Water activities, safaris and excursions).

Jacana Camp; Pelo Camp; Xigera Safari Lodge

Chitabe Camp; Chitabe Lediba Camp; Little Mombo Camp; Mombo Camp

Abu Camp; Jao Camp; Kwetsani Camp; Little Tubu Camp; Seba Camp; Little Vumbura Camp; Tubu Tree Camp; Qorokwe Camp; Vumbura Plains Camp

Map of Botswana with location of Wilderness Safaris Camps:

Linyanti Wetlands:

The Linyanti Wetlands are largely made up of private concessions and therefore are only
accessed by a private charter, this makes for an incredibly private and intimate luxury
experience, specially staying at one of the Wilderness Safaris Camps. It boasts the famous Savuti Channel, an ancient and sporadic watercourse that supports abundant wildlife, and the productive Linyanti River.

The Linyanti Faultline governs this area and stops the water from Chobe moving in, in turn attracting a large concentration of game.

An abundance of activities can be enjoyed here from land: game drives and walking, to
water-based: Mokoro and boats.

Wilderness Safaris Camps in Linyanti: DumaTau Camp; King’s Pool Camp; Little DumaTau Camp; Savuti and Linyanti Tented Camp

Central Kalahari:

Occupying a significant swathe of the middle of Botswana, the five million-hectare Central Kalahari Game Reserve is one of the largest protected areas in Africa. While it may seem barren at first sight, the Kalahari is in fact home to a great many plants and animals, as well as San clans.

The Central Kalahari is a vast expanse of scrub-covered fossil dunes between ancient river valleys. During the rains (Nov-April), the desert comes to life, with huge herds of plains game followed by predators large and small, resulting in some of the best summer wildlife viewing in Botswana.

Wilderness Safaris Camps in Central Kalahari: Kalahari Plains

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans:

I have included this region, since it offers a great combination during the dry season June – October, along with Linyanti and Okavango Delta.

This is because the pans itself is only accessible during the dry season – from March to October. When the glaring white surface spreads so far that you can see the curvature of the earth. This season includes peak winter days with sunny and warm daylight hours, but the nights are extremely cold.

The Makgadikgadi Pans National Park is a salt pan – with an area of 3,900 kilometers. Situated in the middle of the dry savanna of north-eastern Botswana. However, it is one of the largest salt flats in the world. Lying south-west of the Okavango Delta and surrounded by the Kalahari Desert.

Wilderness Safaris does not own and operate a Camp in this region, but it offers an alternate partner camp – Jack Camp, owned and operated by Natural Selection, which is the best and most suitable to Wilderness Safaris luxury and discerning guests visiting Botswana.

Quad biking across the vast expanse of dry salt pans is one of the highlights of visting the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

Among the many things to do in the Makgadikgadi Nationals Park are safari rides, game drives, birdwatching, tour of the Gweta as well as sight wildlife such as eland, lions, zebras, cheetah, gemsbok, springbok, red hartebeest bushbuck, giraffe, steenbok, elephants and many more.

However, experience the view of large herds of antelope converging on the great lakes to drink water and play. Encounter Bushmen trackers that will take you on guided walks to historical sites as well as you will learn about the connection between their ancient culture and the natural environment.

Natural Selection’s Camp in Makgadikgadi Pans: Jack Camp

How to Reach Botswana and Wilderness Safaris Camps:

Most guests arrive in Botswana by air, with Johannesburg, South Africa, being the main transit point. Regional flights connect Johannesburg with Maun – gateway to the Okavango and Wilderness Safaris camps – as well as Gaborone and Kasane.

There are also flights from other African airports. Maun is the main operational base for Wilderness Safaris and the hub for Wilderness Air.

Both SA Airlink and Air Botswana offer daily scheduled flights from Johannesburg to Maun.

VIP experience on arrival in Maun by Wilderness Safaris:

From the moment you arrive in Botswana, representatives of Wilderness Safaris will be on hand to welcome you and ensure seamless transfers from airport to camp, camp to camp, and back to your departure point. Their Maun office (just across the road from the airport) features a comfortable air-conditioned lounge for relaxation between flights.

Wilderness Air:

Wilderness Air is a key element of your safari experience, connecting you to the wilderness and to the hubs of Maun, Kasane or Livingstone for onward connections.

Light aircraft transfers between camps give guests a new perspective on the landscape, adding to their understanding of the ecosystem. They also offer wonderful photographic opportunities.

Look down on the mosaic of habitats that form the Okavango Delta.

Seasons in Botswana:

Seasonality is an important part of the Botswana experience and what to expect when you visit during this period. It is positioned as an year round destination, and each season offers a different perspective to the Botswana experience.

But the dry winter season from June – October remains the most popular time to visit Botswana due to rising water levels after the summer rains. This ensures that you get to experience the water activities like Mokoro excursions and Boat safaris.

Below will give you more details on what to expect when you travel to below regions in Botswana during the Dry Season – June to October:

Okavango Delta

The unusual aspect of the Okavango is that it receives its water in Botswana’s dry season. Only after summer rainfall has ceased do the floodwaters arrive in the Delta from further north (Angola), creating a fertile oasis filled with life.

It can take upto six months for the waters to filter down from the Panhandle in the north to the outer limits of the Delta. The level of each year’s flooding is primarily dependent on rainfall in the catchment areas in Angola as well as over the Delta itself and there is a distinct short- and long-term cycle to the flooding patterns of the Okavango and the associated river systems

June to August is the height of the annual flooding. This very special occurrence, seasonal in nature, is much-needed in maintaining the spectacular biodiversity of the area. The effects are fantastic, as due to large grassland areas and floodplains, all creatures must adapt to a watery existence.

Waterbirds and other predators follow the waters taking advantage of opportunities due to this changing environment. Game densities on the Delta fringes can rise significantly due to seasonal movements from regions such as the Kalahari.

Linyanti Region
Predator sightings are frequent owing to the reduced vegetation cover and the predictive movements of some species along the reduced and more isolated water sources.

Nesting flocks of southern carmine bee-eaters arrive – one of Botswana’s greatest avian spectacles as they dazzle visitors with colour, numbers and sounds.

Elephant and buffalo tend to be found in larger herds. General game species are plentiful with large herds of zebra, kudu, giraffe, waterbuck and impala seen daily. The best time to see wild dog is during the denning season which spans the dry winter months between June and August. This is a good time to possibly view the rare roan and sable antelope.

Central Kalahari (Best Season is summers from December to March)

You can combine Central Kalahari along with your dry winter season visit to Botswana covering Okavango, Linyanti and Central Kalahari. But you can expect below when you visit Central Kalahari during it’s not so popular season i.e. June – October.

So basically Okavango Delta and Linyanti follow opposite favorite seasons (I mean best time to visit) as compared to Central Kalahari.

  • Okavango and Linyanti: Best time June to October
  • Central Kalahari: Best time December to March

At this time, the Central Kalahari is typically a dry desert-type system, when game viewing moves into the vegetated dune belt and pan systems surrounding the fossilised valleys: most antelope move into the thickets to feed on small shrubs and tubers.

Sightings are good around Wilderness Safaris Camp – Kalahari Plains itself, especially springbok, giraffe, gemsbok, red hartebeest and steenbok, as well as predators such as lion, cheetah, leopard, daytime brown hyaena and caracal for the lucky.

Small predators still around are blackbacked jackal, meerkat (suricates), Cape fox, honey badger and a dozen mongoose species

But during it’s more popular summer (rain) season from December to March, you can expect below:

With the advent of the summer rains (December to April) the desert truly comes to life. Here, in the ancient fossil riverbeds and associated pans, the brief spring rains create the miracle of endless seas of nutritious grasses that attract large concentrations of gemsbok, springbok and red hartebeest, their newborn calves and lambs, followed inevitably by predators such as lion, cheetah – often seen at this time with cubs – and black-backed jackal.

Brief afternoon thunderstorms create a dramatic backdrop for some of the best summer wildlife viewing on the continent, as the landscape is almost instantly altered
into several hues of green; fields of wild flowers burst out of the ground taking advantage of the limited moisture on offer.

Summer birding opportunities are excellent.

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans:

I have included this region, since it offers a great combination during the dry season June – October, along with Linyanti and Okavango Delta.

This is because the pans itself is only accessible during the dry season – from March to October. When the glaring white surface spreads so far that you can see the curvature of the earth. This season includes peak winter days with sunny and warm daylight hours, but the nights are extremely cold.

• Take an exhilarating quad bike across the salt-crusted pans.
• Lie out on the pans just before night fall and watch the planetarium of stars unfold above you.
• Hunt for stone tools in the crusty salt flats of the enormous Sowa Pan.

Suggestive Itinerary for Botswana: 9 Nights:

I suggest below options, combining below regions for a perfect once in a lifetime Botswana trip:

Season to visit for below options: June – October

Option 1:

  • 3 Nights Linyanti
  • 3 Nights Okavango Delta – Combination Camp which offers both Land and Water activities
  • 3 Nights Makgadikgadi Salt Pans (I have included this region, since it offers a great combination during the dry season June – October, along with Linyanti and Okavango Delta.)

Option 2:

  • 3 Nights Linyanti
  • 3 Nights Okavango Delta – Land Camp like Mombo
  • 3 Nights Okavango Delta – Water Camp (like Xigera) or a Combination Camp which offers both Land and Water activities

Option 3:

  • 3 Nights Linyanti
  • 3 Nights Okavango Delta – Combination Camp which offers both Land and Water activities
  • 3 Nights Central Kalahari (Do remember that this is not the best season, but you can still visit (you can read what to expect in my brief under regions above), combining it with rest of your Botswana trip. This is surely a not to be missed region offering a unique habitat and landscape.

NOTE: Option 3 also becomes an option to consider, if you are seeking to travel during summers (November – March)

Details: About Wilderness Safaris Camps and Activities:

In Botswana, Wilderness Safaris camps are small, intimate safari bases in superb locations, ranging in size from 3 spacious tents to maximum 14 tents. The camps are located in the country’s northern areas, specifically the Okavango and Linyanti areas, as well as in the center of the country in the Kalahari.

Of paramount importance is the fact that all WS camps have as little impact on the environment as possible. This is relevant not only during the building process, but also during their day-to-day operations.

Wilderness Safaris offers 3 categories of Camps in their Portfolio. Premier, Classic and Adventure Camps.

For the purpose of this BLOG, I am only mentioning info with regards to their best in class Premier Camps, and one Classic Camp in Central Kalahari, since they don’t have a Premier Camp in Central Kalahari.

Camps in Linyanti:

King’s Pool Camp:


Once a rustic campsite for Scandinavian royalty, King’s Pool overlooks the handsome oxbow lagoon of the same name in the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, bordering Chobe National Park.

This 100% solar-powered camp has 9 luxurious tents each boasting a large bedroom area and lounge leading to a veranda with a private thatched sala from which to soak up the gorgeous views and possibly even spot elephant crossing the channel.

The river along which King’s Pool is located hosts numerous species of birds and is a magnet for game in the dry winter months. The spacious main area comprises a
lounge, dining and a convivial bar area stylishly set on expansive raised decks. There is also a pool and an open-air ‘kgotla’ for evening dining under the stars.


  • Premier, luxurious camp in enormous Linyanti region.
  • Excellent dry-season game viewing concentrations … elephant herds, lion, giraffe, leopard and also wild dog.
  • The sunken hide offers a completely different perspective on wildlife.


The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve has abundant wildlife in a wide variety of species, but is most noted for its very large elephant population which can reach enormous densities during the dry winter months. Other game is abundant, such as impala, lechwe, kudu, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and bushbuck, and their predators: lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and spotted hyaena. Rarer species such as sable and roan antelope also emerge from the woodlands during the dry season. Birding is spectacular.


  • Day and night game drives with 05 x 06-seater open 4×4 Land Cruisers – hot water bottles, blankets and lined ponchos are provided on cold winter mornings.
  • The camp has a supply of bean bags for guests to use to steady their camera while on game drives, as well as a monopod for specialist photography.
  • There is a pair of Olympus binoculars in each of the game drive vehicles for guests to share amongst themselves whilst out game viewing.
  • Guided nature walks, seasonal and on request, subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide.
  • Water-based activities on the Linyanti River are primarily offered on the 01 x 08 seater Queen Silvia barge.
  • A sunken hide is located at a waterhole approximately ten minutes’ drive from camp and can accommodate a maximum of six guests.
  • Viewing hide on the western end of camp.
  • Birding in an internationally recognised Important Bird Area (IBA),
  • Stargazing with a spotting scope.
  • Fishing on a catch and release basis (fishing is prohibited in Botswana in January and February for fish breeding purposes).
  • Wilderness Safaris and Olympus Photo Hub experience.


  • Scenic helicopter flights ranging in duration from 30, 45 to 60 minutes – operated in a Robinson with guest numbers as a minimum of 02 and a maximum of 03 (activity takes place between 11:00 and 15:00 when animal densities are high).


  • Children of 06 years and older are accommodated.
  • For families travelling with children between 06 and 12 years, private activities need to be booked and paid for.
  • Children between 06 and 16 years must share with an adult/s in the same room.
  • The minimum age for walking activities is 13 years (subject to season and availability of a qualified walking guide).


01 Jun 2022 – 31 Oct 2022: USD3093 Per person per night sharing

Duma Tau Camp:


DumaTau, meaning ‘roar of the lion,’ is a luxury tented camp located in the private Linyanti Wildlife Reserve on the western boundary of Chobe National Park. The area is famed for large herds of elephants and exceptional game viewing along the Savuti Channel. DumaTau has a very light carbon footprint and runs on 100% solar energy


  • The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve boasts the greatest habitat diversity and game viewing in northern Botswana.
  • Enormous concentrations of elephant in the dry season; good viewing of leopard and wild dog.
  • Guests take part in conservation initiatives.


DumaTau is located close to the source of the Savuti Channel, with access to the Linyanti Swamps, floodplains and mopane woodlands, thus offering an excellent combination of habitats.

Well known for its elephant concentrations as they congregate along the
waterways and lagoons during the dry winter months, the area is also renowned for general wildlife including red lechwe, Burchell’s zebra, giraffe, buffalo and warthog. Predator sightings of lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and spotted hyaena are good.


  • Day and night game drives in 05 x 06-seater open 4×4 Land Cruisers.
  • During winter months hot water bottles (on early morning game drives only), blankets and lined ponchos are provided.
  • The camp has a supply of bean bags for guests to use to steady their cameras while on a game activity.
  • A pair of Olympus binoculars is available in each of the game drive vehicles for guests to share amongst themselves whilst game viewing and may be requested from the guides.
  • Guided nature walks (seasonal and subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide).
  • Water-based activities in 01 x 06-seater and 01 x 08-seater motor boats (water levels permitting), plus 01 x 08-seater barge for lunches, picnics and sundowners.
  • Birding in an internationally recognised IBA (Important Bird Area).
  • Fishing on a catch and release basis only, however, is prohibited by Botswana law in January and February due to breeding purposes.
  • Wilderness Safaris and Olympus Photo Hub experience.


  • Scenic helicopter flights ranging in duration from 30, 45 to 60 minutes – operated in a Robinson with guest numbers as a minimum of 02 and a maximum of 03 (activity takes place between 11:00 and 15:00 when animal densities are high).


  • Children 06 years and older are accommodated.
  • Families travelling with children between the ages of 06 and 12 years, will be welcomed at DumaTau in the family unit, or triple on request, with sole use of a vehicle required as per standard policy.
  • Families travelling with children between the ages of 06 and 12 years, at Little DumaTau, will need to book and pay for sole use of the camp. Note that child rates will not apply at Little DumaTau.
  • Children between 06 and 16 years of age must share with at least one adult in the same tented suite.
  • The minimum age for walking activities is 13 years (subject to season and the availability of a qualified walking guide).
  • The minimum age for boating activities is 06 years (water levels permitting).

Little Duma Tau:


With just 4 supremely spacious guest tented suites, each with its own lounge, private plunge pool, bathroom with indoor and outdoor showers, this intimate camp promises an exceptional Linyanti safari experience. It is situated just to the north of the main Camp – Duma Tau on the same lagoon frontage.

Little DumaTau’s dining and lounge areas offer uninterrupted views over Osprey Lagoon, and it is here that guests have the opportunity to learn more about elephant conservation and the concession’s important biomonitoring project.

Little DumaTau shares a new wellness centre and gym with it’s main Camp – DumaTau; this includes an inviting shaded deck, a lap pool, spa, The Osprey Retreat and Safari Boutique.

With easy access to the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve extraordinary range of habitats, prolific plains game and attendant predators are a certainty all year

It is most suitable for a small group of Family (including kids between 6-12 years) and Friends travelling together, seeking privacy, and book Little Duma Tau on exclusive sole-use basis. But otherwise it is also available for booking on per tent basis.

Camps in the Okavango Delta:

Mombo: Land Camp


Long known as “the Place of Plenty,” Mombo boasts enormous concentrations of plains game and predators and is considered to be one of the best areas for game viewing in Africa.

Located just off the northern tip of Chief’s Island, the largest landmass in the Okavango, Mombo is considered the most fertile area in the Delta, with its mix of habitats attracting large herds followed by numbers and varieties of predators.

The 8 spacious suites afford sweeping views over a floodplain teeming with wildlife. The sitting room, separate bedroom and bathroom, indoor and outdoor showers and bathtub with copper and brass fittings all contribute to Wilderness Safaris’ ideal of responsible luxury.


  • Arguably the best big game viewing in all of Africa.
  • Bountiful hunting ground for large prides of lion and star-struck leopard.
  • An opulent safari camp in the very heart of the Delta.


The Mombo Traversing Area is highlighted by the massive concentrations of plains game and predators that live here. These include all the big cats, of which lion sightings are frequent. Leopard, spotted hyaena, large herds of buffalo, elephant, giraffe, blue
wildebeest, Burchell’s zebra and more abound, while cheetah and wild dog can occasionally be spotted moving through the area.


  • Daytime and early evening game drives only (returning an hour after sunset due to Moremi Game Reserve regulations) in 04 x 04-seater open 4×4 Land Cruisers. Accommodating four guests per vehicle means they have a more exclusive experience and dedicated time with their passionate guide.
  • During winter months hot water bottles (on early morning game drives only), blankets and lined ponchos are provided.
  • A pair of Olympus binoculars is available in each of the game drive vehicles for guests to share amongst themselves whilst game viewing.
  • Birding (Internationally Recognised IBA – Important Bird Area).
  • Stargazing with a laser pointer,
  • Picnic baskets can be prepared for daytime drives allowing for full day excursions.
  • Skimmer Hide (seasonal and approximately a 30 minute drive from camp, this is an elevated structure overlooking the floodplain and accommodates a maximum of 06).
  • Kubu Kaya Hide (seasonal and approximately a 20 minute drive from camp, this is an elevated structure overlooking a channel that is dry during low water levels, and accommodates a maximum of 06).
  • Wilderness Safaris and Olympus Photo Hub experience.


  • Scenic helicopter flights ranging in duration from 30, 45 to 60 minutes ; half day (morning or afternoon).
  • Tsodilo Hills (UNESCO World Heritage Site) excursion to learn more about Botswana and the history of the San – with guest numbers as a minimum of 02 and a maximum of 10 (via scenic helicopter flights only).


Children aged 12 years and younger:

  • Parties with children 12 years and younger, are accommodated at Mombo on the proviso that the party have a private vehicle or sole use of a vehicle.
  • Parties with children 12 years and younger, may only book Little Mombo if it is on a sole use basis, otherwise they book and stay at Mombo main camp.


01 Jun 2022 – 31 Oct 2022: USD 4070 Per person per night sharing

Little Mombo: Land Camp


With just 4 suites tucked away on the other side of the same island, Little Mombo is a smaller, more intimate version of its sister camp – Mombo. Built under a shady canopy of jackalberry and sausage trees, overlooking a floodplain regularly visited by herds of herbivores (and their predators), the camp has its own facilities, including a dining area, boma, kitchen, lounge and pool, while being connected to Mombo via a raised boardwalk.

Renowned as “the Place of Plenty,” the enormous number and variety of wildlife around Little Mombo makes it a hugely sought-after wildlife-viewing destination.


  • A sumptuously-appointed camp perfect for small groups.
  • Found in the Okavango’s premier wildlife viewing area.
  • High concentrations of plains game and their predators, including all the big cats.


01 Jun 2022 – 31 Oct 2022: USD 4070 Per person per night sharing

Vumbura Plains: Land and Water Camp


Luxurious Vumbura Plains lies in an area that is a mix of water and dry land. The wildlife is diverse, so that both land and water activities on vehicles, mokoro and boats deliver an all-round African safari experience.

Vumbura Plains comprises two separate but linked camps, consisting of a total of 14 raised, spacious suites, unique and contemporary in design with indoor and outdoor showers and an en-suite bathroom. Additional features include a private plunge pool and ‘sala’ –from where you can watch the passing parade of wildlife or even enjoy a relaxing soothing massage.


  • Beautiful, diverse area with a range of herbivore and predator species.
  • Best antelope diversity in the Delta, particularly sable.
  • Large, lavish camp with contemporary, modern design.


The annually flooded grasslands of the Okavango Delta surrounding Vumbura Plains are locally referred to as ‘melapo’ and offer good seasonal viewing of elephant, giraffe, impala, sable antelope, kudu, zebra, common waterbuck and reedbuck, tsessebe, wildebeest, red lechwe and Cape buffalo. Hippo and crocodile are common in the waterways.

Predators include the African wild dog, several resident prides of lion, as well as leopard, cheetah and African wildcat. Birding is exceptional all year round.


  • Vumbura Plains North: Day and night drives in 04 x 10-seater open 4×4 Land Cruisers.
  • Vumbura Plains South: Day and night drives in 03 x 10-seater open 4×4 Land Cruisers.
  • The camps have a supply of bean bags for guests to use to steady their camera while on a game activity.
  • There is a pair of Olympus binoculars in each of the game drive vehicles for guests to share amongst themselves whilst out game viewing.
  • Hot water bottles, blankets and lined ponchos are provided on game drives.
  • Water-based activities in 03 x 02-seater mokoro and 01 x 06-seater boat (water levels permitting) – available at North and South.
  • Guided nature walks (seasonal and subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide).
  • Birding in an Internationally Recognised IBA – Important Birding Area.
  • Fishing on a catch and release basis (fishing is prohibited in Botswana in January and February for fish breeding purposes).
  • Wilderness Safaris and Olympus Photo Hub experience.


  • Hot air ballooning (weather permitting). Transfers to the launch site are done via helicopter flight ONLY, while the return to camp can be either a game drive or scenic helicopter flight at guest’s choice.
  • Scenic helicopter flights ranging in duration from 30, 45 to 60 minutes; half day (morning or afternoon) (via scenic helicopter flights only).


  • Children of 06 years and older are accommodated.
  • For families travelling with children between 06 and 12 years, private activities need to be booked and paid for.
  • Children between 06 and 16 years must share with an adult/s in the same room.
  • The minimum age for boating activities (water levels permitting) is 06 years.
  • The minimum age for mokoro activities (water levels permitting) and walking activities (seasonal and subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide) is 13 years.
  • For the hot air ballooning, the minimum age restriction is 07 years and a parent or guardian must accompany any child under 16.


01 Jun 2022 – 31 Oct 2022: USD3216 Per person per night sharing

Jao Camp: Land and Water Camp


Jao is located on a remote island in one of the most picturesque concessions in the Delta. From waterways and lagoons to dry Kalahari grasslands, Jao can offer both land and water experiences, depending on water levels. Mokoro, boating and fishing take place seasonally, with day and night game drives usually all year round.

The camp (rebuilt in 2019) comprises a main area elevated into the tree canopy, two exclusive villas and five suites, all with private plunge pools, lounge and dining areas, and en-suite bathrooms, including indoor and outdoor showers.

The two Jao villas, accommodating four people each in two identical guest rooms, share a main area, and also have an exclusive vehicle, guide, chef and butler.


  • Luxurious, sophisticated camp with individually-designed villas and suites each with private plunge pools.
  • In the midst of archetypal Okavango floodplains with access to Hunda Island in the dry season.
  • The best and most unique spa experience in the Delta.
  • A unique main area with amazing views and individual areas for privacy as well as a “floating” fire deck and main pool as well as the most unique and picturesque gym in the Delta
  • Wine cellar, Safari Boutique and museum in a double story building creating and amazing atmosphere and history of Wilderness Safaris unique beginning and growth.


The game viewing at Jao is superb. Huge herds of red lechwe can be seen, followed by their primary predator – prides of lion.

Other game typical of the area includes elephant, buffalo, leopard, tsessebe, zebra, hippo and crocodile as well as the uncommon sitatunga and spotted-necked otter.

Many bird species are resident such as Meyer’s parrot, African harrier hawk, black heron, copperytailed coucal, and black crake as well as the unique and rare Pel’s owl, slaty egret and wattled crane, being some of the avian treasures found at Jao.


  • Day and night drives in 04 x 06-seater open 4×4 Land Rovers – hot water bottles are provided on early morning game drives.
  • Water-based activities in 10 x 2-seater mokoro and 02 x 10-seater boat used in the waterways to the east of camp.
  • The camp has a supply of bean bags for guests to use to steady their camera while on game drive.
  • Full day game drives and picnics on Hunda Island – a 45min boat ride away from Jao Camp – mainly during times of high water levels or an approximate 1 hour drive during dry season.
  • Fishing on a catch and release basis year round except January and February when fishing is barred by law for breeding.
  • Guided nature walks (seasonal and subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide, therefore pre-booking is essential).
  • Birding (internationally recognised IBA – Important Bird Area).
  • Stargazing with a spotting scope.
  • Wine and Gin tasting in the wine cellar.
  • The Jao Star Bed is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from camp.


  • Scenic helicopter flights ranging in duration from 30, 45 to 60 minutes; half day (morning or afternoon).
  • Half day excursion to Tsodilo Hills (UNESCO World Heritage Site) to learn more about Botswana and the history of the San (ex scenic helicopter flights).


  • Children of 06 years and older are accommodated.
  • For families travelling with children between 06 and 12 years, private activities need to be booked and paid for.
  • Children between 06 and 16 years must share with an adult/s in the same tent.
  • The minimum age for boating activities is 06 years, and for mokoro activities is 13 years (water levels permitting).
  • The minimum age for Spa treatments is 06 years with the Kid’s Pamper treatment applicable for children between the ages of 06 to 12 years.


01 Jun 2022 – 31 Oct 2022: USD2999 Per person per night sharing

Abu Camp: Land and Water Camp


At Abu, you are invited to immerse yourself in the majestic world of the African elephant. Be both humbled and inspired as you gain a deeper understanding of elephant conservation – the premise on which Abu is based.

Named after a very special bull elephant, Abu Camp blends in seamlessly with the magnificent surrounding hardwood trees. Looking out over a large lagoon, an imaginative use of canvas has created a unique and luxurious style of tent.

Each of the 6 en-suite tents has its own distinctive furnishings and fittings, imparting an air of opulence in the bush, and featuring an indoor and outdoor shower, an outdoor copper bath and a plunge pool sunk into the elevated teak deck.

The multi-decked lounge and dining area and well-stocked library and study, gym and pool will keep you entertained, informed and energised while at Abu.


Unlike some of the water-flooded areas of the Okavango Delta, the Abu Private Reserve varies from open grasslands to secluded island sanctuaries and papyrus-fringed channels.

This variety of natural habitats allows for an abundance of general game. Giraffe,
zebra, elephant, impala, tsessebe, lechwe, wildebeest, buffalo and warthog roam the reserve.

Lion often move through the area too and can sometimes be heard calling at night, while hyaena and leopard are resident and so are encountered more frequently.


  • Day and night drives in 04 x 05-seater open 4×4 Land Cruisers. Hot water bottles, blankets and lined ponchos are provided on game drives.
  • Guided nature walks (seasonal and subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide).
  • Water-based activities in 06 x 02 seater mokoro and 02 x 06 seater boat (both water levels permitting).
  • Fishing on a catch and release basis only, however, prohibited by Botswana law in January and February due to the breeding season.
  • Birding (Internationally Recognised IBA – Important Bird Area).
  • Wilderness Safaris and Olympus Photo Hub experience.


  • Scenic helicopter flights ranging in duration from 30, 45 to 60 minutes; half day (morning or afternoon).
  • Half day excursion to Tsodilo Hills (UNESCO World Heritage Site) to learn more about Botswana and the history of the San (ex scenic helicopter flights).


  • The minimum age for walking (seasonal and subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide) and mokoro activities (water levels permitting) is 13 years
  • The minimum age for boating activities is 06 years (water levels permitting).
  • Specific to game drives and boating, private activities must be booked and charged for between the ages of 06 and 12 years inclusive.


01 Jun 2022 – 31 Oct 2022: USD3294 Per person per night sharing

Xigera Safari Lodge: Water Camp


Every aspect of Xigera is handcrafted to charm guests’ senses and stir their souls – from the evocative interiors to one-of-a-kind wilderness encounters.

This is Xigera (pronounced ‘kee-jera’), named for the pied kingfisher that makes its home amid the watery channels of Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve.

Wilderness Safaris is proud to market this Red Carnation Hotels property – rooted in a strong family history and devotion to unparalleled luxury in service.

Xigera Safari Lodge is located in the Moremi Game Reserve with private access to a 4, 500-hectare (11 120-acre) wetland paradise in the heart of the Delta.

Situated on one of the Okavango’s key waterways, Xigera Safari Lodge is surrounded by picturesque papyrus swamps and wooded islands and is renowned for its very high density of sitatunga antelope.

It offers 12 luxurious fully air-conditioned suites (including a 2-bedroom family suite) with each suite providing 184 sqm (1,980 sq ft) of indoor and outdoor space including a separate lounge, bedroom and dressing room area.


Xigera is primarily a water based camp, but land-based activities are also in offering, providing guests the opportunity to experience both aspects of the Okavango Delta.

During the annual flood, guests can boat across floodplains and along channels to reach islands where there are regular sightings of buffalo, elephants, zebras, giraffes, lechwe and sitatunga as well as numerous other Delta species.

Hippos can be spotted on mokoro and boating excursions, along with an abundance of birds.


The area is known for remarkable mammal sightings including red lechwe, spotted-necked otter, elephant, buffalo, reedbuck and tsessebe.

Predators include lion, spotted hyaena and leopard. Guests are sometimes treated to close-up views of lion or leopard using the footbridge connecting Xigera to the next island!

This concession lies in an International Birding Area (IBA) with many ‘Okavango specials’ being present, including Pel’s Fishing-Owl, African Skimmer, Brown Firefinch, Greater Swamp Warbler, Wattled Crane, African Pygmy Goose and Lesser Jacana.


• While the emphasis at Xigera is on water activities, game drives are offered all year round.
• No night drives due to Moremi Game Reserve National Park regulations.
• Day game drives in open 4×4 vehicles (four vehicles will be 4-seaters and two vehicles will be 6-seaters).
• During colder or wetter weather, hot water bottles, blankets and lined ponchos are provided
• Water-based activities are offered; in 2-seater glass-bottom mokoro; and 6-seater motorboats, 2 of which have a glass-bottom and 2 have a super structure with roof seating available (seasonal water levels permitting).


Private yoga sessions; Spa treatments; a 1-night Baobab Treehouse Sleepout for 2 adult guests at a surcharge, subject to availability and weather permitting and scenic helicopter flights.


• Only children aged 12 and over are welcome at Xigera Safari Lodge.
• Children aged between 12 and 16 must share a suite with one adult.
• Children partaking in boating or mekoro excursions must wear life vests at all times.
• For safety reasons, children aged under 13 years may not participate in walking or mokoro activities


01 May 2021 – 31 May 2021: USD 3160 Per person per night sharing

Central Kalahari:

Kalahari Plains:


Kalahari Plains lies in a remote part of the diverse and productive Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and offers some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa, particularly in summer (December – March).

Located in the Kalahari Desert in central Botswana, this reserve is the largest conservation area in the country and one of the largest in the world.

It’s star attractions include the legendary Kalahari blackmaned lion, as well as some of the world’s best cheetah viewing. Kalahari Plains overlooks an immense pan with endless horizons and beautiful skies.

It offers accommodation in 8 canvas tented accommodation on a raised deck (including one family unit). The camp, including its main area with pool and deck, takes in the sweeping, spacious views across the Kalahari. Innovative insulated canvas walls and roofs keep the temperatures inside comfortable.


  • Excellent access to the vastness of the Central Kalahari.
  • Summer (December to March) brings plains game concentrations, and the best cheetah viewing in Africa.
  • Experience traditional San culture in a respectful, authentic manner.


Healthy wildlife populations are present in the area all year round, but with the advent of the summer rains, the desert comes to life. A plethora of plains game such as springbok and gemsbok converge in their hundreds to graze, followed by lion, one of the highest concentrations of cheetah in southern Africa and leopard.

In winter (June – October), the Kalahari is a typical desert. General game is still easily seen, from the carnivores to wildebeest, red hartebeest and steenbok, as well as small predators like black-backed jackal, Cape fox, honey badger and myriad mongoose species. Some 220 bird species have been recorded.


As Kalahari Plains is located in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, we adhere to all the Department of Wildlife and National Parks regulations including no off-road driving and no night driving.

  • Daytime game drives and early evening game drives only (no night drives – permissible an hour before and an hour after park closure, due to Central Kalahari Game Reserve regulations which includes no off road driving) in 04 x 10-seater open 4×4 Land Cruisers.
  • During winter months hot water bottles (on early morning game drives only), blankets and lined ponchos are provided.
  • The camp has a supply of bean bags for guests to use to steady their cameras while on a game activity.
  • A pair of Olympus binoculars is available in each of the game drive vehicles for guests to share amongst themselves whilst game viewing and may be requested from our guides.
  • Full day excursion to Deception Valley with a picnic brunch (only possible on a minimum 3 night stay or more – alternatively on a stay of 2 nights, to guarantee the excursion a private vehicle needs to be booked and paid for.
  • Guided, interpretative walk with the San (led by camp staff members who are descendants of the San and within close proximity to the camp – 800 meters).
  • Guided nature walks [(seasonal and subject to the availability of a qualified walking guide) approximate duration 1.5 hours, departing camp just before sunrise and toward one of the pans in the area],
  • Birding (Internationally Recognised IBA – Important Bird Area).
  • Private rooftop area for sleep-outs accessed by stairs from the tent deck [(two mattresses and solar lights provided) – weather permitting and operated subject to the discretion of the Camp Manager.
  • Stargazing with a laser pointer.
  • Presentations by camp staff.
  • Wilderness Safaris and Olympus Photo Hub experience.


  • Children 06 years and older are accommodated.
  • For families travelling with children between the ages of 06 and 12 years, private activities need to be booked and paid for.
  • Children between 06 and 16 years must share with at least one adult in the same tent.
  • The minimum age for walking activities and sleep-outs is 13 years (subject to season and the availability of a qualified walking guide).


June – October:

01 Jun 2022 – 31 Oct 2022 – USD767 Per person per night sharing

November – April:

20 Dec 2021 – 05 Jan 2022 – USD1098 Per person per night sharing
01 Nov 2022 – 19 Dec 2022 – USD1098 Per person per night sharing

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans: A Natural Selection Property

Jack’s Camp:


After several decades of setting the standard in the Kalahari, the Jack’s Camp has undergone a full rebuild and has now reopened in 2021.

The brand-new Jack’s Camp pays homage to the property’s enduring and much-loved 1940s campaign style. The guest tents, 7 twins and 2 doubles, are much larger and each is 270 square metres in size.

The iconic interiors remain and are embellished with rich textiles from around the world, Natural History Museum cabinets, and an overhead bed cooling system. Ensuite bathrooms have both indoor and outdoor showers and outside, each veranda has a private plunge pool.

The new, larger mess tent is resplendent with the renowned Natural History Museum, library, antique pool table and a well-stocked drinks chest. The iconic nomadic Persian tea tent has been made larger and the shop has been renovated and restocked with new treasures.


  • Enjoy the ultimate in space and exclusivity; the camp is one of just three in a one million-acre private wildlife reserve.
  • There’s an impressive choice of extraordinary activities to be enjoyed including quad biking, bushman walks, classic desert game drives, meerkat visits and horse rides.
  • After an early morning desert exploration, retreat back to the sanctuary of camp to sit back and relax in the elegant Persian tea tent.
  • The camp has one of the most comprehensive collections of ancient artefacts in Botswana, collected and curated by the Bousfield family over decades.
  • Indulge in a lazy afternoon in your private plunge pool overlooking the Makgadikgadi pans, watching the world go by.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the year-round desert wildlife: brown hyena, oryx, Kalahari lion and, after dark, aardvark, porcupine, honey badger and bat eared fox.


The desert is never a place of abundance. But Makgadikgadi is full of surprises offering elusive species and desert-adapted animals and a perfect complement to Botswana’s traditionally game-rich areas, like Linyanti and the Okavango Delta.

The brown hyena is a symbol of what’s to come in the Makgadikgadi. There are only 8000 of these special hunters left in the world, and there aren’t many other places you’ll encounter one.

Other carnivores that know how to eke out their survival here include aardwolves and bat-eared foxes, honey badgers and black-maned Kalahari lion.

Then there’s aardvark, gemsbok, springbok and black-backed jackals to look out for on game drives, and perhaps even an elephant or two. And last, but definitely not least, the meerkats.

Jack Camp’s team have been busy pioneering a meerkat habituation project with some of the world’s pre-eminent researchers. The cheeky creatures are still very wild, but they do enjoy coming to say hello.


One of the most original and exciting camps in Africa, the safari experience at Jack’s is unique. Here the living desert is constantly full of surprises. At first sight, the lunar-like salt pans appear devoid of life, but in the hands of the of the knowledgeable camp guides the story of the Makgadikgadi begins to unfold.

Throughout your stay you will find an impressive choice of extraordinary activities and desert culture experiences to enjoy in and around camp.

Year Round Activities:
• Get up close and personal with the habituated meerkats.
• Discover the secrets of the pans with the Zu/’hoasi Bushmen on a fascinating bush walk.
• Take game drives and night drives in custom built 4x4s to spot the unique desert wildlife that inhabits the pans, like the elusive brown hyena or Kalahari lion.
• Enjoy a visit to the site of the historic Chapman’s Baobab. Once one of the three largest trees in Africa and a national monument of Botswana, Chapman’s Baobab was visited by many a tourist and was originally even used as a landmark for travellers.
• Enjoy game drives in the Makgadikgadi National Park during longer stays.
• Go on an thrilling helicopter flip
• Embark on an adventurous horseback safari (for all levels of riders; additional charge applies, but one two-hour safari is included if staying for three nights or longer). Multi-day riding safaris are also available for experienced riders – please contact us for more information.
• After an afternoon exploring the Kalahari desert, enjoy a refreshing sundowner while watching the sun set over the pans.

Dry Season (1st April – 31st October)
• Take an exhilarating quad bike across the salt-crusted pans.
• Lie out on the pans just before night fall and watch the planetarium of stars unfold above you.
• Hunt for stone tools in the crusty salt flats of the enormous Sowa Pan.

Green Season (1st November – 31st March)
• Witness the second largest migration of zebra and wildebeest in Africa (and it’s also the last remaining one in Southern Africa).

In Camp
• Sleep inside a tent that’s a designated Natural History Museum.
• Relax on your private veranda with a sparkling plunge pool and breath taking views of the Makgadikgadi pans.
• Treat yourself to a wellness therapy on your private deck.
• Spend time looking at the fascinating Natural History Cabinets, dripping with artifacts from this ancient landscape as well as telling stories from around the world.
• Relax in the new larger mess tent, enjoying the well-stocked drinks chest and antique pool table.
• Soak up the sun at the swimming pool pavilion, the only one of its kind in Africa.
• Enjoy sweet treats in the Persian tea tent.
• Grab a book from the large collection in the library and find a quiet spot to read.


Children of all ages are welcome. But Private vehicles must be booked for families with children 12 years and younger.


Range: USD1,450 — USD2,195 per person per night sharing

Botswana Experiences Image Gallery:

Image and Content Credits: Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness Safaris Botswana Nature Guide – Species Checklist:

How to Book:

You can book a memorable, once in a lifetime experience using Wilderness Safaris’s preferred sales partner in India – Experiential Travel Journeys Pvt. Ltd., based out of New Delhi. They are a boutique travel design company and Africa Safari specialists with expertise and long established connections to be able to plan and execute your next trip to Botswana.

– Amit Kalsi, Private Travel Designer

Finland: Winter Experiences, Northern Lights, Glass Igloos, Glass Resorts, Snow – Ice Hotels, Luxury Suites, Villas and Lodges

Sleep under the Northern Lights:

In Finland, nature’s most spectacular light show, the Northern Lights also called “Aurora Borealis”, can be viewed in a range of purpose-built spaces from glass igloos to luxury suites.

The Northern Lights are visible on roughly 200 nights a year – or every other clear night – in Finnish Lapland. The more traditional ways to go Aurora spotting are snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snowmobile and sled dog touring. If gazing at the dark sky in crispy winter air is not your thing, you can simply add comfort. Scroll down for places that offer comfort, luxury and make it easy for you to experience and sleep under the Northern Lights.

In Finland, nights are dark enough for Northern Lights viewing from late August to April. Seeing them requires clear skies and just a bit of luck. Chances of catching them get better the further north you go.

OCTOLA, Rovaniemi

Octola Private Wilderness is a year-round, exclusive luxury retreat with its own private wilderness and wildlife. The aim is not to offer you simply the accommodation, but a tranquil sensation of being one with the surrounding wilderness. What they have created is a new, next generation private travel concept, letting you to linger in utmost privacy. Your stay in Octola Private Wilderness is fully catered and comes with a selection of local experiences that let you fully immerse in the local way of life.

Octola Private Wilderness consists an ultra-luxury Octola Lodge and Octola Villa.

The Octola Lodge has 10 bedrooms with en-suite facilities. You can choose from fully-serviced options of renting the entire property or a wing 4 or 6 en-suite bedrooms. The Octola Villa has 2 bedrooms with en-suite facilities.

It is 20min driving distance with car from the international Airport at Rovaniemi in Lapland. Alternatively it is 1hr driving on snowmobile or 3hrs on husky dog sledding. It is also reachable by reindeers, but it takes longer.

In Octola Private Wilderness you would get to enjoy your own outdoor jacuzzi, a private gym, unique hand-carved wood-burning sauna, a brand-new Karhu Barbecue place and the Northern lights observation point with glass teepee which is perfect for Northern lights gazing.


This wilderness resort, just a short distance from Rovaniemi and Santa’s Village, is the latest in a recent line of innovative hotels to spring up in this beautiful corner of Finnish Lapland. But what makes this latest offering unique is the variety of accommodation options – ice cabins, aurora domes, suites, apartments, villa and even portable luxury wagons. All this combined with an equally impressive, and eclectic, programme of excursions, ranging from Arctic Circle snowshoe hikes to a sauna on skis.

Gaze at the Arctic sky from the comfort of your bed. Imagine spending the whole night in a warm bed under the open sky. In our Aurora Cabin Glass Igloos the beds are positioned towards the sky providing you a great chance to witness the magical Auroras shimmering and dancing above.

Accommodation in a beautiful, historical Lappish house with high-quality, Scandinavian-style furnishing. This historical house, built in 1948, is located in the midst of nature, next to the lake, yet less than 100 meters from Apukka Resorts main building. Villa Apukka offers 3-bedrooms is ideal for group of friends or families with children. You’ll have the whole house and its big yard in your private use, so you can really enjoy your stay with intimate comfort.


Spend a night in Aurora Wagon on a snowy hilltop or on a frozen lake, exactly on the Arctic Circle! The Aurora Wagon is absolutely the most spectacular and atmospheric way to experience the Arctic wilderness – exclusively available at Apukka! The wagon presents a great chance to enjoy the Northern Lights!


In Apukka, you can feel like you’re in the middle of the movie Frozen by spending the night in one of the Ice Cabins. As the name suggests, they are built from logs that are 100% pure ice. If you want to go home with an unbelievable story to tell, look no further. The Ice Cabins are truly unique, and available only in Apukka Resort.

Apukka Resort is located just 15 minutes (18 km) from Rovaniemi city center and 10 minutes (10 km) from Rovaniemi airport or Santa Claus Village.


Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos are located on the Arctic Circle at an approximate distance of 26 kilometres from the town of Rovaniemi in Finland.


The glass-roofed igloos provide you the opportunity to sleep beneath the starry skies and the Northern Lights. The 360-degree glass roof of the Glass Igloo provides you with the best possible views of the heavenly magic of the skies. Experience the wonder of the Glass Igloo and Lapland’s nature!

Each igloo is extremely well heat insulated to ensure guests are not bothered by the cold in even the coldest of times at night – the temperature is the same as in normal hotel rooms. The roof of the igloo is made from electrically heated glass, which means the glass will not cool the space; rather it maintains evenly distributed warmth while melting all the snow and ice off the roof to give you excellent view to the sky.

In addition, the igloo has underfloor heating. The beds in the igloo are motorized, which makes it possible for you to easily adjust the optimal position for sleeping or viewing the skies.


The Snow Hotel sleeps upto 70 guests and is one of the largest in the Nordic region. This spectacularly handsome building is carved each year to be different in appearance.

The walls and furniture surfaces of the unique rooms are decorated with ice art and illuminated artwork. The room temperature is 0–5C°, but using the sleeping bags intended for extreme conditions combined with reindeer furs, you can be sure you will stay in warmth and comfort.

Located on the shores of the lake, the moonlight, stars and Northern Lights illuminate the Lappish nature. You will experience a good night’s sleep as the Aurora Alarm searches the skies for you.

The hotel is located in the winter capital of North Finland, Rovaniemi and the hotel area lies on the shores of Lake Lehtojärvi in the village of Sinettä, only 35 km from Rovaniemi airport.


If you love cozying up as snow gathers outside of your window, Levin Iglut is the place for you. Each igloo is not only spacious but also equipped with heated non-fogging glass, air conditioning, a kitchen, shower, and toilet. There’s even Wi-Fi for those who want to share every bit of their adventure on social media!

Spending the night in Levin Iglut igloos is magical. You can fall asleep in a luxurious warm bed on a fell slope admiring the Arctic starry sky – and, if you want, you don’t have to leave the igloo at any point during your stay.

An abundant breakfast buffet in our atmospheric restaurant Aurora Sky is included in the price of the night in an igloo. You can choose either our 53 m² Suite Igloo with an outdoor jacuzzi and private terrace, Prime Superior Igloo with stunning views to the valley, or cozy Superior Igloo with extra bed.

The closest airport is Kittilä airport (KTT), only 15 min away from the Levin Iglut – Golden Crown.


Northern Lights Ranch is a unique accommodation, restaurant and activity facility located 15 km from Levi Ski Resort and 30 km from Kittilä airport.

Northern Lights Ranch offers an unique form of accommodation in its 16 Sky View Cabins. They all feature huge glass windows and heated glass roofs making them ideal for viewing the exquisite surrounding nature and the Northern sky. They have 4 different types of Sky View Cabins available for bookings.

Because of its remote location away from artificial light, it offers the best chance to experience the amazing Northern Lights, which are often visible from September until April.

Northern Lights Ranch is situated at an optimal location for experiencing the Northern Lights. The area is easily accessible from the services of Levi Ski Resort (15 km) and Kittilä airport (30 km), yet based on satellite measurements it´s unaffected by light pollution.


The Levi Spirit villas subtly blend in with the unique landscape of Lapland. Modern design
mingles with only the best natural materials and the large windows bring the serene
surroundings indoors to form a part of the decor. The luxurious furnishing adds to the comfort and provides the finishing touches on the dignified surroundings while the specialty of our villas, the atmospheric non-heated Kammiroom, invites you to enjoy yourself around an open flame.

The nine Levi Spirit villas are located on the calm side of the Levi fell by the freely flowing Ounasjoki River, surrounded by the unique nature of Taalovaara. The experiences of Lapland open up right from the villa’s doorstep: a cross-country track runs around the edge of the villa area, there is easy access to snowmobile routes and the nearest ski lift is only 1200 meters away. The vibrant center of Levi can be reached by car in 10 minutes while the Kittilä airport is only 15 minutes away.

Each Villa has a Living area of 256 m2, and total area of 458.5 m2. It can accommodate max 10 persons – 4 en-suite bedrooms and a loft each for two persons.

The internationally competitive, premium-tier restaurant offering is one of Levi’s greatest
strengths. The Levi Spirit brings the entire selection to your villa. The gourmet dishes will be served at the time of your choosing. If you so desire, a visiting chef can finish the meal in your own kitchen. Do you need a butler, bartender or waiters? With Levi Spirit, everything is possible.


Levi ‘n’ Sky Luxury Villa is unique 300 sqm 5-star ski chalet in Levi’s prestigious Utsuvaara-neighborhood. Located on top of a 360m foothill, the villa offers majestic outlook to the beautiful Lapland scenery. The villa is surrounded by natural rock formations, an everlasting reminder of the previous Ice Age.

You can enjoy these views from the large wall-size windows and outdoor patio. Escape the cold in the premium jacuzzi, look up and see the dance of Northern Lights!

With its first class interior design and high-end equipment, Levi ‘n’ Sky Luxury Villa is the perfect choice for unforgettable vacation

It offers 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, fully equipped kitchen, huge views over Lapland scenery, outdoor jacuzzi.


The L7 Luxury Lodge is located on the shores of both river and lake, neighboring the Ylläs-Pallas National Park and is surrounded by over 28 hectares of private forest. The 7-bedroom lodge lies beautifully on the shore of Lake Kukaslompolo with the nature directly on your doorstep.

They offer accommodation in a genuine Kelo Lodge, exclusive programs for high-end customers with a host/hostess service, a wide variety of activities in the Lappish nature and relaxation in a sauna with a jacuzzi etc.

Nature is on your doorstep: Snowshoe or cross country ski direct from the lodge into the peaceful surroundings. Snowmobile, husky and reindeer safaris are available with the Lodge’s guides.

The Lodge is suitable both for couples and small groups.

The closest airport is Kittila.

Lake Inari Aurora Hut at Wilderness Hotel Nangu: THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY LUXURY CAMPING

Lake Inari Aurora Hut offers you a once-in a life time premium accommodation. This unique accommodation welcomes you closer to the authentic outdoor experience than ever before.

This eco hut is located on the iconic Lake Inari, only few hundred meters from the resort’s main building. The hut has a double bed with a view to the Northern sky. This luxury camping accommodation offers dry toilet inside the hut. There is no shower or running water in the hut but they offer sauna and shower facilities in the main building.

With its exclusive landscape, spectacular views and fun activities, Nangu is an extraordinary holiday destination. Discover the region above the Arctic Circle and witness the awesome spectacle of the Northern Lights in this unforgettable place.

Closest airport is Ivalo and it takes 30 mins to reach Nangu.

AURORA DOMES, Torassieppi

Spend an extraordinary night glamping under the northern lights. A night in Aurora Dome is a unique way to experience the nature.

The comfortable and warm Dome is a perfect place to enjoy the magical winter scenery of lake Torassieppi lit by the northern lights.

The Aurora Dome is a round igloo-shaped tent with Lappish themed decoration and one
transparent wall. The Domes are completely insulated and a fireplace with an open fire gives out both warmth and comforting ambiance.

The Domes are situated by the cabin village of Torassieppion the bank of lake Torassieppi in Lapland. The transparent walls of the Dome are facing north to insure the best possible view of the starlit sky and the ever elusive northern lights over the frozen lake.

Mod cons e.g. toilet, shower and sauna are within 50m easy walking distance. The Domes have beds for two but can also accommodate two extra beds.

Closest airport is Kittila.

Eagle View Suite at Hotel Iso-Syöte

The Eagle View Suite (55 m²) is a unique and exclusive suite located on top of Iso-Syöte fell. Because the walls and even the roof are made of glass, there is a connection with the beautiful nature. Enjoy a free view over surrounding hills, forests and the sky.

In the Eagle View Suite there is a unique chance to admire the midnight sun in the summer or a million stars in the winter – and if you are lucky, the dance of the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis.

A spacious suite divided into two floors. On the ground floor the living room with a cosy fireplace to share a drink and some special moments together, seats and sofas, a bathroom with own private sauna.

A tree is growing in the middle going up to the second floor. The branches of the tree will hold the nest with the comfortable round double bed. Lying on the bed or while enjoying a relaxing bath in the jacuzzi, you can overlook the unspoiled nature all around you, like an eagle, admire the scenery and almost touch the sky….

The glass façade and roof will guarantee the splendid “Eagle’s View”!

Hotel Iso-Syöte is located in the southern border of Lapland, on the top of the southernmost fell in Finland. The hotel is within easy reach by car or via Oulu, Kuusamo or Rovaniemi airports.


Vasara Reindeer Ranch is in the heart of Sámiland where tending to reindeer is a Sámi way of life based on tradition and where the traditional lifestyle is still very much alive. The Ranch is perched at the edge of a vast wilderness area, on the shore of a lake of crystal water and at the foot of a gently rolling mountain, both of which bear the same name, Peera.

The Reindeer Ranch Glass Igloos offer a spectacular view to the lake, to the sky and the myriad of shades of the arctic light from the comfort and privacy of your bed. In spring and in summer the fabled nightless nights. In autumn and in winter the mysterious polar nights and the spellbinding northern lights.

The Glass Igloos are ideal for savouring the beauty of arctic nature. The location is exceptional on lake shore at an authentic and secluded Sámi reindeer herding ranch. An exquisite experience never to be forgotten!

The four spacious igloos feature all the amenities you would expect of a well-appointed hotel room, in addition to the incredible view, which is made possible by the glass roof.

Kilpisjärvi is located in the far north, at the remotest northwestern corner where Finland meets with Norway and Sweden.


The Northern Lights Village provides a unique opportunity to experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights and the wild nature of Lapland at close range, without sacrificing comfort.

The Aurora Cabins at the Northern Lights Village are a magical way to experience the wintry star-filled sky and the Northern Lights, while lying comfortably in the warm bed. The laser-heated glass-roof opens up into the northern sky, directly above the bed.

All the activities in the Northern Lights Village begin in the yard outside and the restaurant Kota is only a stone’s throw away. The services at the center of Saariselkä, such as the store, the spa, and restaurants are only a 350 meter walk away while on the other side, the cabins are lined by uninhabited fells and forests.

Direct flights are available from Helsinki to Ivalo Airport.

JÁVRI LODGE, Saariselkä

A place so special that it was the source of inspiration for Urho Kekkonen, the longest serving President of Finland. Located in Saariselkäis, the wilderness of Lapland with vast lakes and forests, where you can experience northern lights, coldness, darkness, and in summer a never-setting sun as summer replaces winter.

Jávri Lodge is a boutique hotel in the small village of Saariselkä, which lies in the far north of Finland, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle.

It is the most luxurious boutique hotel in Lapland, which can host 26 guests in 13 rooms. The rooms have been meticulously designed using a blend of natural, locally sourced, and recycled materials, and complimented with minimalist furnishing in neutral tones.

Situated on the upper floor with 3.2 metres high floor-to-ceiling windows, Skyview Doubles offer magnificent view out onto the never-ending wilderness.

They deliver a complete boutique experience for adults only consisting of purity of nature, local delicacies, luxurious accommodation and great Nordic outdoors tailored to your wishes. At the center of it all is a traditionally built chalet with the highest aesthetic and functional quality.

The guests at JAVRI enjoy dedicated, personalised treatment with the same spirit and tradition as in the presidential beginnings.

It is located less than 30 minutes from Ivalo Airport (IVL).

SKÁBMA, Saariselkä – The best private stay in Lapland.

Skábma, a 7-bedroom premium loghouse nestled by the UrhoKekkonen National Park in Saariselkä, Lapland offers quality time with friends, family. Everyday hustle and bustle are conspicuously absent in Skábma.

All seven bedrooms have their own bathrooms with shower and drying cabinets for outdoor clothes – they come in handy after a day of wild Lapland adventures.

Timeless Finnish design classics are the building blocks of interior design in Skábma. The warm atmosphere inside the chalet emanates the silence and peacefulness of Northern Lapland which unfolds right outside the doorstep.

In Skábma, your privacy is guaranteed. Nobody else but you and your company are staying inside the thick log walls. Owner and host, local native Kaisu looks after you all day but does not stay on the premises. Kaisu is available to you 24/7 as she lives only a stone’s throw away from Skábma.

It is located less than 20 minutes from Ivalo Airport (IVL).


According to an old Finnish folktale, Northern Lights are born as the arctic fox swipes the side of a fell with its tail, thus creating sparks on the northern skies.

The Arctic Fox Igloos in Ranua, in the Finnish Lapland, are named in the honour of the animal arctic fox; the Igloos offer ideal conditions for observing and admiring the northern skies and its phenomena.

Arctic Fox Igloos are located on the peaceful shores of the lake Ranuanjärvi, far from city light pollution. The Igloos have been built on the lake shores in such a manner that each offers an unobstructed view across the open lake to the far-reaching northern horizons. The heating of the glass-panels prevent the frosting over of the glass surfaces and the snow from remaining on top of the Igloo. The glass igloos are equipped with all modern conveniences including a sauna.

Closest airport is Rovaniemi Airport.


These villas are located by the frozen sea in the Snow Castle area in the city of Kemi. They offer incredible view all year round through the glass roof and huge windows.

Experience all four seasons:
A vast open field of frozen sea opens in front of the villas in the winter months and with luck you can see the spectacular, colorful Northern Lights.

During the spring you can observe the fascinating transformation as nature wakes up after a long winter: the sea melts and birds return to Lapland in large flocks.

Enjoy the white night magic of the endless summer days and experience the thebeautiful rich colors in the autumn.

The nearest airport is Kemi Tornio Airport, 8 km from Seaside Glass Villa.

Snow Hotel in the Kemi Snow Castle:

Make your dream come true and spend the snowy night in the true Winter Wonderland surrounded by massive pure white snow walls in -5 degrees Celsius.

The Snow Hotel is built completely out of snow. Overnight in this hotel will surely give you one of the most unique Arctic experiences! The comfortable bed a lambskin cover and a sleeping bag designed for arctic conditions ensures a good night sleep.

Toilets, showers, dressing room, luggage room and a warm lounge area in a separate building. Snow Castle staff at your service 24 hours. Instructions for overnight in the snow room provided by our staff.

RUKA VILLAS, Ruka-Kuusamo

Ruka luxury holiday chalets are situated in peaceful settings surrounded by wonderful
wilderness landscapes, and they provide a perfect place for an unforgettable trip to RukaKuusamo, Finland.

The 12 chalets will meet the expectations of the most demanding traveller. All the chalets have luxurious interior design and panoramic postcard view over the lakes, slopes and hills.

The chalets are located on large, private sites with an easy distance to the services of Ruka holiday village and close together.

The Villa chefs provide you with gourmet pleasures and aesthetic experiences par excellence, be it in your holiday villa or in the Studio Restaurant Tundra.

The Ruka-Kuusamo area is located close to Finland’s eastern border and the Arctic Circle, only an hour’s flight from Helsinki. The nearest airport is Kuusamo at a distance of approximately 20km.

Ruka is one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland. The ski season lasts over 200 days. The varying terrain of Ruka’s 30 ski slopes offers great skiing for skiers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. There is also a wide range of other winter activities available at Ruka.


A unique wilderness camp in Finland’s wild north, this collection of teepees bring a slice of luxury and adventure to experience stay under canvas.

Lapland is the traditional origin of the kotas or Teepees used by nomadic reindeer herders and this remains Finland’s most attractive wilderness. The heated luxury tent lets you to access any private location in the spectacularly beautiful wilderness of Finnish Lapland. Yet the accommodation is provided with five-star comfort, including hotel- quality bed linen and private chef and butler services.

Winter Experiences in Finland:

Photo Credits: Lapland Safaris

Experience the thrill of driving a snowmobile through snowy forests and over frozen lakes and rivers. You will find a selection of snowmobile safaris range from 2 to 6 hours so you can choose an excursion best suited for you.

Lapland is the perfect destination to witness one of nature’s most spectacular phenomenos – the Northern Lights. On average the Aurora Borealis appear in the sky about 200 times a year, so there are plenty of opportunities to spot them. During winter season you can choose to embark on your northern lights excursion on snowmobiles, with reindeers or on snowshoes.

Finns love their saunas and the entire sauna culture. Therefore, saunas can be found almost everywhere and in every shape and form. There are, for instance, wooden, smoke, electric and ice saunas.

Meet the huskies! They are one of the most amazing Arctic Animals. Discover the peace and tranquility of the Lappish nature on an exotic safari and excursion riding a husky sled during winter time.

A husky safari is a truly thrilling experience, especially when you have the chance to be a musher in control of your own team of dogs. Experience the excitement of the dogs as they eagerly wait to pull you at a speedy pace through the breathtaking Lappish scenery.

Reindeer are for sure one of the most famous inhabitants of Lapland. Meet these amazing Arctic animals and discover the peace and tranquility of the Lappish nature on a Reindeer safari excursion.

In winter time, follow in the footsteps of the Sami people as you travel in the age old way; on a reindeer pulled sleigh. The most traditional and peaceful way to move through the silent Lappish nature.

Lakes and rivers are an excellent source of food in Lapland and fishing has been a major part of the Lappish culture year-round.

During winter season you experience ice-fishing safaris that take you to a remote frozen lake that you will reach by snowmobile. In the breathtaking, peaceful surroundings you break the ice and try your luck at ice fishing. A break by the open fire is the perfect way to warm up with a hot drink and warm meal while hearing stories of the biggest catch.

A fantastic and active way to enjoy the pure nature of Lapland is trekking on snowshoes. Reach some of the most spectacular and untouched spots of beauty, breathe fresh air, and listen to the silence.

Some of our snowshoe excursions are done during evening time, giving you the perfect chance to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, if of-course you get lucky.

Choose your riding style from mountain bikes, cyclo-cross bikes or fat bikes. Fat bikes are bicycles with extra wide tyres, making riding easier and more ecological in the forest and on soft trails, even on snow.

The fells of Lapland provide an amazing environment for enjoying the scenery and feeling the speed at the same time. Downhill skiing is a popular sport and pastime activity, which brings thousands of people to the North every year.

You can experience Downhill Skiing in three different ski resorts: Ylläs in Äkäslompolo, Olos in Luosto and Ounasvaara in Rovaniemi.

Local ingredients and pure Northern flavors take you to an amazing journey through different Lappish traditions and bring exquisite pleasures to your palette. Explore these gastronomic experiences on your trip to Finland.

When you walk around in the Lappish nature, what do you see? Reindeer, Arctic char, lichen, berries. These pure, local ingredients are the cornerstones of Northern food culture and traditions. In the North, the food comes directly from nature. The flavors are immaculate and our ingredients are of the highest quality.

The local lifestyle of the North is strongly connected with nature as the Finns have a close relationship with their surroundings. These experiences introduce you to everything that life in Lapland is made of.

You will experience the silence, beauty and importance of the Lappish nature all the while learning some fascinating new wilderness skills!

Special Winter Experiences in Finland:


Combine the exotic North with the thrill of speed by spending a day in Finnish Lapland driving around the snowiest Arctic landscape in Europe! Visit Lapland Driving for a memorable winter driving day, to perform vehicle and tire testing.

Driving Centre in Rovaniemi: Located right on the Arctic Circle, highly modern Rovaniemi Driving Center is located only 10 minutes by car from Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. Rovaniemi Driving Center is a versatile driving event environment all the year round.

Levi Rally Centre and Area X: The Rally Centre of 550 000 m2, located in frostiest Scandinavia, features a diversity of tracks designed for testing and training activities. It is divided into four private driving areas.

Area X Levi comprises two separate areas surrounded by great rows of fells only 15 minutes by car from Levi Ski Resort. A broad range of track options with a diversity of driving programmes is available.


” The ultimate ice driving experience on the most outstanding snow and ice circuits”
Juha Kankkunen 4-time Rally World Champion and his team welcome you to experience the ultimate winter sport driving.

All of their driving programs are tailored to match the needs of clients, for beginners or the most advanced drivers, they will ensure that you will be pushed to your limits, improve your driving skills on the challenging terrain and have a lot of fun.

With over 12 years’ experience their professional team focuses on delivering personal, premium and exclusive tailor-made experiences. So whatever your requirements they can take care of it to ensure that you have an unforgettable time at the Juha Kankkunen Driving Academy.

Finland. One of the world’s most northerly countries, the top of which lies north of the Arctic Circle. With temperatures that reach far below freezing, it offers the ideal conditions for pure driving pleasure.

About Northern Lights:


Timewise auroras tend to show up between 8-12 pm. During bigger aurora storms the time window can stretch up 4pm-07am. When auroras show up they stay in the sky at least for 10-30mins. They tend to pulsate making small shows with brighter colours and speed. Then they calm down to a single arc in the north sky.

Auroras occur quite evenly throughout the year, although the rate is slightly higher during spring and autumn than during winter and summer. However, in summer the nights are generally too light for seeing the auroras. Especially so in Lapland, where the sun does not set at all during a period around midsummer. Considering also the weather, the best time for seeing auroras in Northern Finland is in March and early April.

Tips for aurora watching:

Find a dark, open place preferably far away from town lights. As auroras are most often seen on the northern sky, try to find an unrestricted view at least toward the northern horizon.

Optimal weather for watching auroras, dark and cloudless night, is practically always cold in Finland. Dress very warmly.

Lying on a mattress may be a more comfortable way to gaze up than bending your neck backward for lengthy times.

You can click on this LINK to find out if your choice of location is away from Light Pollution.

Watch a video

Researcher Sini Merikallio explains the basics of northern lights or aurora borealis in 3 minutes.

How to Book:

You can book, plan a trip to Finland using services of Delhi based Boutique Travel Design company – Experiential Travel Journeys Pvt. Ltd. They have long established connections and expertise to design a tailor made Private Journeys for you to Finland.

– Amit Kalsi, Private Travel Designer

Travel Experiences in France: Best Luxury Hotels, Chateaus, Chalets, Private Tours, Exclusive Tours

Exceptional Family Vacations in France:

Scavenger hunts in the Louvre, «pétanque» games in amazing locations, cycling, snorkeling, cooking croissants… As parents ourselves and used to travel with our kids, I have listed below select itineraries, tours and experiences for the whole family to discover, learn, and have fun alike.

Whether in Paris, the South of France, Corsica, the South West, Brittany or Normandy, look at below fabulous programmes and activities : you will love the well balanced time and trip experiences both for adults and kids, the fun moments that will become life memories, and the learning that the kids will absorb naturally.

Family French Riviera – a 10-day itinerary

From Grace Kelly to Scott Fitzgerald, from Cezanne to Monet, the French Riviera has always symbolised glamour, inspiration and pleasure. It is also a perfect destination as a family with plenty of fun activities and discoveries, both inland and on the coast. Canyoning, snorkeling, cycling, boating, water-skiing: This itinerary offers an active trip all-along the Riviera for the whole family to discover the magnificent coast in a fun and educative way.

  • Day 1 : Your arrival in Southern France. Stay at Le Hameau des Baux 5*
  • Day 2 : Cycling through Les Alpilles, a stunning natural park. Stay at Le Hameau des Baux 5*
  • Day 3 : Anciant Rome and a stunning natural reserve. Stay at Le Hameau des Baux 5*
  • Day 4 : From Cezanne to adventures in the trees. Stay at Les Roches Blanches 5*
  • Day 5 : Incredible Calanques. Stay at Les Roches Blanches 5*
  • Day 6 : Marseille and a champion swim. Stay at Les Roches Blanches 5*
  • Day 7 : A perfume experience and Antibes. Stay at Belles Rives 5*
  • Day 8 : Canyoning in Italy and discovering Monaco – the glittering Riviera. Stay at Belles Rives 5*
  • Day 9 : On the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Stay at Belles Rives 5*
  • Day 10 : Antibes and Juan Les Pins – beach and relax

Hotels used in this Itinerary:

Hotel Le Hameau des Baux 5*

Hidden in the Provence contryside, just a few minutes drive from the famous village “Les Baux de Provence”, Le Hameaux des Baux is a group of typical houses with a very elegant interior design. Just 21 rooms and Suites, three restaurants from 1 Michelin star to a food truck for relaxed food-breaks, pure nature, it is a fantastic place to relax and discover.

Hotel Les Roches Blanches 5*

The location of Les Roches Blanches hotel is amazing: the 1887 Villa is nestled on the stunning Cape Canaille, right between the village of Cassis and the natural reserve of The Calanques. There is a direct access to the sea, a swimming pool, and three restaurants ranging from gastronomy to a bar menu. The Spa uses the Sisley products and beauty protocols for a perfect relaxation.

Hotel Belles Rives 5*