COVID-19 isn’t going away. In fact, experts say it will probably become endemic, which means it could flare up any time, anywhere. Fortunately, you can protect your next trip from such an event using membership based COVID evacuation services by COVAC GLOBAL.

To put it simply if you travel abroad, and you get COVID-19, you want an evacuation service to be able to get you back to your home city, with or without the need for hospitalisation. If you test COVID positive in an overseas country of your visit, your number one priority will be to get back to your home country (city), as it may not be a comforting idea to rely on COVID facilities you may or may not get access in the country of your visit.

“We were worried about getting stuck or having to be hospitalized before we got transported home – Covac Global is the only membership that could put our minds at ease.”
— Kirsten W. – Connecticut, Member since 2020

COVAC GLOBAL was created specifically to fill the gaps in existing insurances and other protection programs that won’t cover pandemic-related illness or contagious diseases. Among those that do include COVID-19 coverage, most will only pay for transport to a nearby, suitable medical facility (not back home) and/or only cover such expenses if it’s considered medically necessary—meaning that your condition is serious enough to warrant hospitalisation.

COVID infected passengers cannot be transported using commercial, private and charter flight operations due to Govt. health requirements, but medical transports to include Air-Ambulances are allowed and this is what is used by COVAC GLOBAL to evacuate it’s members in need.

COVAC GLOBAL is the first and only indemnified membership program that will fly you home should you contact COVID-19 while travelling abroad.

• Transport COVID-19 positive patients back to their home city from anywhere in the world. (They return travellers to their homes or to a local hospital in their home city, and not to the closest port of entry like some other insurance or membership based evacuation programs.)
• Arrange and pay for all transport costs to include ground and private aviation.
• Only requires a positive COVID-19 test and exhibition of one self-reported symptom.(including but not limit to: fatigue, headache, fever, or chills).
• The only program or coverage that does not require hospitalization or medical advice indicating transport is necessary.

Membership Rates for COVID-19 Evacuation and Repatriation offering a coverage of maximum US$1,000,000 per individual starts at US$ 675 per person for a 15 days Single Trip of coverage, which can be used over a period of 12 months.

COVAC GLOBAL Eligibility and Requirements:
• Individual membership is open to those 21 years and older.
• Family Memberships for immediate families come without age restrictions for dependents/spouse, and no limit on number of immediate family members.
• Family Members do not need to be traveling together or at the same time to receive the benefits.
• Memberships are Single Trip – 15 or 30 travel day memberships or Annual – Multiple Trips with 90-day trip length as maximum.
• Open to all-nationalities.

While there are no restrictions on travel destinations, except that it should be more than 300 miles from your Home Address, below are IMPORTANT restrictions/limitations/exclusions:

• Must purchase 14 days in advance of first trip Or submission of a negative COVID PCR taken within the 7 days prior to the start of the trip.
• Under 21 years allowed only under “Family” memberships. Otherwise Individual members should be between 21 yrs and 85 years.
• No cruises. No destinations with “Stay at home” orders. No travel for major events.


COVAC GLOBAL offers below upgrades and add-ons at additional cost to your COVID evacuation membership:

• US$ 25,000 in Transport Benefit.
• TRIGGERS: Civil Unrest, War, Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Missing Persons and Criminal Activity
• Best in class operations team.
• Remote Rescue included.
• Must be paired with your Covid Evacuation Membership.

• US$1,000,000 Medical Transport Benefit.
• In-patient hospitalization in home country required for transport.
• No in-patient hospitalization at point of illness or injury required for evacuation benefits.
• Remote Rescue included.
• No discrimination against pre-existing conditions.
• Medical Evacuation + Repatriation membership can be purchased as a combo (bundled) with COVID Evacuation to offer you greater coverage for other medical reasons which require Evacuation.


COVAC GLOBAL is not a Travel Medical Insurance which typically covers your medical expenses incurred while you are travelling abroad due to hospitalization or otherwise. COVAC GLOBAL is an Evacuation and Repatriation membership based service, which evacuates you back to your home city should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling abroad.

It offers a solution to the gaps created by traditional travel insurance policies.


COVAC GLOBAL currently has thousands of members and a 100% success rate for evacuations. No member has ever been denied an evacuation and dozens of evacuations have occurred over the past year.

Covac Global is protected against such costs by its reinsurance partner, the London-based Lloyd’s broker C J Coleman.

The company relies upon the expertise of its world-class team of in-house physicians, crisis management professionals and underwriting experts, many of whom have previously held distinguished careers in military special operations or leading insurance organizations.

COVAC GLOBAL has also partnered with five-star hotels around the world who offer the membership to their guests. Included in that elite lists are such resorts as: The Tyrall Club in Montego Bay, Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia and Cabo’s Esperanza Resort.

How to Purchase Membership:

Simply follow this link COVAC GLOBAL to get a quote and buy membership Online or your can contact their reseller in INDIA – Experiential Travel Journeys Pvt. Ltd.

– Amit Kalsi, Private Travel Designer

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