The Safari Collection in celebration of Disney’s live-action remake of the iconic film offers a unique itinerary to Kenya, offering glimpses into the world of Simba and his friends.

The itinerary experience is complete with a trip to the real-life Pride Rock while you stay at the Borana Lodge in Borana Conservancy in Kenya which inspired the Disney’s animators. You will be able to climb to the top of the real-life Pride Rock yourself and take in the views of everywhere the light touches.

In fact, you even get the privilege of private guiding by Robert Carr-Hartley who was involved in the creation of the original 1994 Lion King film.

He was the animation team’s guide during their research safari and helped in the creation of Pumbaa, as well as sharing Kenyan sayings – which eventually led to the glory that is Hakuna Matata.

Robert is from one of the oldest settler families in Kenya and spent his childhood growing up alongside wildlife. It is this unique insight and knowledge which enabled him to become the animator’s guide during the research safari which provided inspiration for the film.

Robert helped with many of the Swahili songs and names in The Lion King, as well as the decision to choose a warthog to be Simba’s sidekick. On this journey into the heart of the ‘Pride Lands’, you will meet some of Lion King’s characters, including Simba’s pride, Zazu the hornbill, Pumba the warthog, Ed, Shenzi and Banzai the hyenas.

The Lion King brings family safari holidays to life ~ Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.

Mufasa, The Lion King

The Lion King Adventure is a 7-Nights itinerary, as below:

Day 1: Stay at Giraffe Manor, Nairobi
Day 2/3: Stay at Borana Lodge, Laikipia
Day 4/5: Stay at Sasaab, Samburu
Day 6/7: Stay at Sala’s Camp, Masai Mara

The Trip is recommended for:

– Lion King Enthusiasts!
– Anyone keen to experience the best of Kenya’s incredible scenery and wildlife.
– It is a well-rounded holiday for all ages, so lends itself to being a great choice for families.

Trip Highlights:

-Feed pumbas at Giraffe Manor, picnic on the original ‘pride rock’ in Borana, fly-camp under the stars in Samburu and meet Simba’s real family in the Masai Mara.

-This journey immerses you in Kenya’s stunning wilderness and brings you closer to the wildlife than you could have ever imagined.

Where will you stay:

Stay 1 Night in Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya. It offers the most unforgettable bucket-list breakfast in the world.

Giraffe Manor is an exclusive boutique hotel, owned by The Safari Collection. Often referred to as one of the most instagrammed properties in the world, Giraffe Manor is set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi. Giraffe Manor is one of Nairobi’s most iconic buildings.

The historic manor house has extraordinary appeal, that harks back to the 1930s when visitors first flocked to East Africa to enjoy safaris. With its stately façade, elegant interior, verdant green gardens, sunny terraces and delightful courtyards, guests often remark that it’s like walking into the film Out of Africa: indeed, one of its 12 rooms is named after the author Karen Blixen.

One of the most fascinating things about Giraffe Manor is its resident herd of Rothschild’s giraffes who may visit morning and evening, poking their long necks into the windows in the hope of a treat, before retreating to their forest sanctuary. By offering a treat between your lips, you may even be rewarded with a slobbery giraffe kiss.

You will also meet a host of ‘pumbas’ or warthogs that dart around the lawns. There is so much to see and do in and around the manor. This is the ideal family holiday, which offers a unique opportunity to share an experience of a lifetime, when traveling with kids to Africa.

Stay next 2 Nights in Borana Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya. This is the location of the Pride Rock from Disney’s original animated film The Lion King.

Pride Rock is reachable on foot from Borana Lodge as well as in a vehicle, on horse back or on a mountain bike. It is a wonderful location to watch the sunrise over a cup of coffee or enjoy a cold Gin & Tonic at sunset.

Perched atop a rocky hill with panoramic views over the Laikipia Plateau and Mount Kenya, Borana Lodge offers an exciting off the beaten track immersion into true Kenyan wilderness.

Family owned and run, the lodge is located in the heart of Borana Conservancy, a 35,000-acre private rhino sanctuary and working ranch. One of the earliest eco-lodges in Kenya, it is dedicated to preserving the pristine landscape, and abundant wildlife which surrounds it and all retained earnings go directly into conservation.

With no fences between itself and the adjacent Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, it is one of the largest rhino conservation areas. From Borana, guests have the exclusive opportunity to explore this idyllic African setting with the assurance that they have it all to themselves.

Borana Lodge was built with families in mind. From swimming in the pool or a waterfall, to cooking lessons with the lodge chef, exploring the river, riding one of our smaller, more docile horses or watching big game from the safety of our Land Rovers, Borana has much to offer children of all ages.

Stay next 2 nights at Sasaab, Samburu. Here you will also get to spend a night under the stars in a flycamping experience under mosquito net tents in the wilderness where you can try to spot Great Kings of the Past in the ‘Leo’ astrological constellation (between Janurary and June).

Sasaab is close to the Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserves, in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District. Sasaab prides itself on its hospitality and our friendly and attentive staff strive to make every guests’ experience unforgettable.

The architecture of Sasaab follows strong Moroccan design principles, in which African heat is of primary consideration. Each of the 9 Moroccan-styled rooms is over 100m² with an enormous open-air bathroom and private plunge pool. From the veranda, guests can take in the remarkable views across the Laikipia Plateau toward the jagged peak of Mount Kenya. Its position on the river naturally facilitates watching the herds of elephant that come to bathe.

Here you go on a game drive to hunt for the ‘Samburu Special Five’: Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, gerenuk and Beisa oryx. Then take an evening camel ride for sundowners on a spectacular rocky outcrop with panoramic views. Quad biking adventures are also an option, perfect for kids of all ages, on an African safari. Imagine your kids faces as you tell them that can kids go on African safari and experience the thrill of the wild by sleeping out under the stars.

The local Samburu guides speak excellent English and will take children under their wing to teach them how to make a traditional bow and arrow or a toothbrush from the ‘toothbrush tree’.

Finally the last 2 nights stay at Sala’s Camp, Masai Mara where you’ll stay in the heart of lion territory as you enjoy game drives and incredible views. Experience “Africa’s Circle of Life”.

The Masai Mara is one the world’s most prolific game areas and home to the ‘big 5’, with mind blowing sightings year round. Sala Camp offers a variety of excursions, and the resident big cats are easily stopped at close quarters. It also offers first class bird-watching and star-gazing where you can learn about the formations in clear, unpolluted skies. Sala’s Camp has a special program for children where our spotters teach young guests the secrets of the bush.

Sala’s Camp is a tented camp that combines tradition with comfort and it’s a model of understated, intimate luxury. Situated in the southern, wilder corner of Kenya’s mighty Masai Mara safari game reserve close to the confluence of the Sand and Keekorok Rivers – an idyllic geographical feature that attracts teeming wildlife.

Sala’s Camp location is a big draw, close to Tanzania with wonderful views of the Serengeti National Park, it is one of the first camps in the Mara to witness the legendary annual migration of wildebeest, which thunders by from June to September each year. Sala’s Camp also offers the best of the Masai Mara’s wildlife and birdlife year round.

Guests of all ages will love the thrill of hearing Mufasa roaring right from their tent. They can also spend time with Simba and Nala on games drives and searching for Scar’s paw prints in the dry riverbed.

Sala’s professional spotters love showing children the secrets of the bush and will take them in search of the ‘Little Five’, teach them how to make a bush toothbrush and set up games of volleyball. Evening game drives accompanied by sundowners offers the adults the perfect end to each day.

Kwaheri Kenya: Today is the day to say your goodbyes, or ‘kwaheri’ in Swahili and head back home or your onward journey.

This 7 Nights privately guided Kenya family safari starts from US$ 33,950* per family (2 adults & 2 children). Best time to undertake this journey is from Dec – Mar or Jun – Oct.

What’s Included:

– Professional private guide throughout the trip.
– Full board accommodation (all meals, all house wines, house spirits and beers, soft drinks, laundry, selected activities etc.).
– All internal flights (scheduled flights/private charters).
– Park and conservation fees.
– Activities including game drives, sundowners, bush picnics.
– Return road transfers from airport/airstrip to lodge/camp and to/from activities including – 4X4 safari vehicles.
– Meet and assist on arrival at the airport.
– Flying Doctor’s cover.

*Indicative starting price, subject to change at time of booking, period of travel and availability.

Itinerary & Photo Credits: The Safari Collection

How to Book:

You can above Lion King Adventure trip using services of Delhi based Boutique Travel Design Company and Safari Experts – Experiential Travel Journeys Pvt. Ltd. They are preferred partners of The Safari Collection in India, and have establishes local connections and years of experience to help you plan your Safari trip of a lifetime.

– Amit Kalsi, Private Travel Designer

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