An exceptionally curated and challenging experience (infact it’s a 7 days Journey) based on True Facts that occurred in Portugal through the second world war.

What you will read below will look like a History lesson, but it’s all done to create curiously for the experience being offered. But let me warn you that below does not answer all your questions about this amazing travel experience in Portugal, which allows you to live the life of a real spy, without compromising the comforts and luxuries of 5 star hotels and private services, as it has to be kept a secret to maintain it’s true essence of adventure.

At that time, Europe and other countries and territories around the world were in chaos, but Portugal remained neutral and subsequently a Haven For Spies.

Nazis, and Allies all had their eyes and ears in Portugal, and strangely, they all mingled and
relished on Drinks And Cabaret Shows, sometimes, even together.


Why were they all here, and who are we looking for?!

If you are reading these lines, it means that You Have Been Selected to find out why!

From now on, you cannot trust anything or anyone.

The Mission

To unravel this Intricate Mystery, you will be SECRETLY INFILTRATED in Portuguese
territory, Under The Excuse of being a vacationer.


You are on a Mission, and will have to discover Unconventional places where spies left leads, sleep in the same hotels where Ian Fleming and other Prominent Figures were lodged during WWII, and ignore the fact that you will be attended by the very same concierge that was in the movie: James Bond – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Heroic Effort:

To go Unobserved, you will have to Pretend to delight on Cabaret Shows on the very same places where Spies sipped Champagne, but, at the same time, you have to find a way to Exchange Intelligence, and in consequence, strive to Find Clues.


You must be able to Pretend that it is fun to Swim With Dolphins, and appreciate a brunch aboard a Luxurious Yacht, close to a celebrity hide-out spot.

Make Believe:

You are a true tourist intending to take pictures with your luxurious Leica camera – issued to you by our Secret Services – during Dizzying Helicopter Flights when in reality you must be doing Advanced Territorial Reconnaissance.

Are you willing:

To endure such an Struggle? We will understand if you decide Not To Accept. Being a spy its not just about Dry Martini. Be Cautious, nothing is what it seems to be.

If You Decide To Accept The Challenge You May Proceed. On The Next Pages, You Will Find The Information That You Need To Know… For Now.

The Facts:

At the start of World War II in 1939, the Portuguese Government declared that the 550 year-old Anglo-Portuguese Alliance remained intact, but since the British did not seek Portuguese assistance, Portugal was free to remain neutral in the war.

In an aide-mémoire of 5 September 1939, the British Government confirmed the understanding. As Adolf Hitler’s occupation swept across Europe, neutral Portugal became one of Europe’s last escape routes, a safe heaven for Royal Families, and a Spy Hub. Several American reports called Lisbon “The Capital of Espionage”.

However, the PVDE (Portuguese State Surveillance and Defense Police) maintained a neutral posture towards foreign espionage activity, as long as there was no interference in internal policies. Writers such as Ian Fleming were based in Portugal, while other prominent people such as the Duke of Windsor, and Royal Families from Spain, Italy, France, and Bulgaria, made Portugal, and in special, Cascais and Estoril, their second home, as they were exiled here. At the Time, this region was in fact know as The Coast Of Kings.

German spies endeavored to acquire intelligence on Trans-Atlantic ships in an attempt to benefit their submarines fight the Battle of the Atlantic.

The Spanish Juan Pujol García, better known as Codename Garbo, passed on misinformation to the Germans, hoping it would accelerate the termination of the Franco regime; he was recruited by the British as a double agent while in Lisbon.

Contrarywise, William Colepaugh, an American conspirator, was recruited as an agent by the Germans while his ship was in docked in Lisbon.

Through research, it was possible to identify the exact moment when Ian Fleming first encountered an agent Codenamed Tricycle at Casino Estoril.

This agent was a glamorous gentleman, a womanizer, and a spender, but he was in fact a patriot, although he was also a triple agent in the service of the British secret MI5, MI6, the German Abwehr, and the American FBI.

Ian Fleming was at Casino Estoril, as an agent of MI-6, and an anonymous “supervisor” of Tricycle, when he put 35 thousand dollars belonging to the British secret services on the casino roulette, in a risky play against an arrogant gambler with rude and unobtrusive ways.

It was this scene and this real life agent that Fleming witnessed and led him years later to create the character of the famous secret agent James Bond – Codename 007 – in the service of His British Majesty, in Casino Royale

The Mission:

A Real-Life Spy has checked-in on a hotel in Lisbon.

We only know that he was been here more than once, and using different nationalities.

You must look for The Spies Bar, as our services have received intelligence confirming that he is a regular there.

Find a way to photograph his hotel registration, as we need hard evidence, even the passports numbers.

This is critical, as he is about to inspire the king of spies.

Use Your Camera to document it.

By posing as a tourist, you will also have to discover what leads to so many personalities and spies being in Portugal.

Collect as much information as possible, make photos of everything that you think is important.

Track each lead, and be doubtful of everything and everyone.

Just a tip: Every now and then, things are concealed in plain eyesight.

Remember … Nothing is what it seems to be.

What to Expect:


In this perplexing plot, will you be the person to experience the emotions and glamor of a true spy?

Based on genuine facts from real-life spies, you’ll be immersed in a parallel world in which suspicion blends with mystery, where luxury is subjective, and the mere fact of seeing a person will awake all your senses.

The news will becomes tips, the waiter can be an informer, the driver a double agent.

You merely cannot trust anyone, since in the genuine world of espionage … Nothing is what it seems to be!

The Teams:

The Spy Games, does not intend to be the exact reconstruction of facts, but rather a meticulously prepared experience that takes you to live the life of a real spy… without forgetting the suites in the best 5 Star hotels, meals prepared by the most prestigious chefs, stylish shows, and adrenaline.

The Best of all?

Given the present sanitary condition that implicates the entire world, and as noble spies, each team will play individually, without knowing who else is playing.

Each team will have their own private chauffeur and luxury vehicle that will be assigned by our secret operations base.

Teams can be made up of two and up to a maximum of five people.

How many teams in each game? – Noble try… Evidently, you are not expecting us to tell you the where, why and when

What’s Included?

Although, and due to the nature of the experience, I am not authorized to disclose
everything, nonetheless, you can appreciate below an overview of what will be included.

  • Daily Sanitary Kit, which includes two disposable sanitary masks, and a 100 ml alcohol gel sanitary solution bottle (70% alcohol).
  • This mission lasts six nights and seven days, from the infiltration to the extraction day.
  • Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners are included, as well as most drinks, except lunch on the sixth day, where after your mission is complete, your chauffeur will be available throughout the day, for your team for A La Carte visits, for shopping day in style. Or… Anything you wish within the greater Lisbon area.
  • All means of transport necessary to carry out the missions.
  • The accommodation provided, is meticulously selected, and worthy of James Bond movies.
  • You can expect to be toasted with champagne bottles, but for that, you’ll have to be the winner of each day, and be the first to finish the day.
  • All expenses associated with the game itself.
  • You can expect to be toasted with champagne bottles, but for that, you’ll have to win each stage, and be the fastest to finish the day.
  • One Spy Kit per team.
  • Arrival and departure transfers to and from Lisbon Airport.
  • … A lot of surprising experiences.

The Spy Kit

As standard equipment, all teams receive a spy kit that consists of:

To Carry And Keep Your Items
• Handmade messenger bag, made of 100% hypoallergenic natural cork To Document Your evidence
• Leica D-Lux 7 Silver Camera
• 64gb Memory Card

To Communicate Like A Locals
• Smartphone Ikimobile – Cock Edition
• Local number with communications and internet included To Find Your Way Around
• To go unnoticed, you will also receive a map

What’s not included?

Besides the “License to Kill” that does not integrate our experience, the below-described items are not part of our package, hence being not included:

• Shopping and extra personal expenses.
• Extra expenses or consumption in restaurants, shops, hotels or others.
• Flights to and from Portugal.
• Covid-19 screening tests – SARS-CoV-2.
• Comprehensive travel insurance cover.
• Additional expenses caused by reason not attributed to us.
• Tips for: drivers, concierge and luggage in hotels, waiters, and the like
• Tickets for monuments, attractions or others that are not part of the game.

Dress Code:

  • No spy game takes place without an appropriate dress code.
  • Whether you are a villain or the good guy, the right outfit can make all the difference.
  • For this mission, you will need to attend gala dinners, and appreciate meals at some of the finest restaurants in town.
  • You will also frequent hotels that some royal families treat as their second home.
  • But as you are a spy, and before the glamor and the luxury by night, don’t forget that you will have action during the day.
  • For this you will need comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • There is also the real possibility that you might have to intrude on to a private party on a yacht. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear… but don’t worry … the support team will give you hints of where and what.

Dates with Availability in 2021:

19th March, 16th April, 21st May, 18th June, 16th July, 20th August, 17th September, 15th October in 2021

How to Book:

Above curated experience is offered by Portugal’s Leading Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Concierge Company, and can be booked through their partner agent in India, Experiential Travel Journeys Pvt. Ltd., which is a Boutique Luxury Travel Design Company with it’s office in New Delhi, specialising in unique, exclusive, off-beat, once in a lifetime Luxury experiences to destinations Worldwide.

– Amit Kalsi, Private Travel Designer

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New Delhi, Delhi 110016

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