It’s said that once a traveller has seen the rest of the world, , there’s always Greenland. But with climate change undoubtedly stirring things up in this part of the world, I don’t think you should wait that long. Nature, at its most raw and powerful, calls the shots here, the world’s biggest non-continental island is actually more than 80% icecap, leading to the worlds sparsest population.

Few places combine such magnificent scenery, clarity of light and raw power of nature. Vast swaths of beautiful wilderness and very few roads, give adventurers the freedom to wander at will, whether on foot, by ski or dogsled.

You need ample time in Greenland to unwind, soak up the midnight sun, watch icebergs explode, be dazzled by the magic of the aurora borealis or try some world-beating but charmingly uncommercialised opportunities for sea kayaking, rock climbing and salmon fishing.

Luxury Adventure Travel in Nuuk, Greenland:

Glamping in Greenland: Camp Kiattua

In a territory with no five-star hotels, Camp Kiattua is Greenland’s first real luxury offering. Set amid sheer cliffs and waterfalls, high-spec tipis are bedecked with furs, sheepskins and Scandi furniture, and boast glowing wood-burners and hot showers. Initially conceived as a one-off holiday camp for a wealthy friend of Elon Musk, Camp Kiattua has since welcomed guests including the Jordanian royal family.

It is situated 80 km from Nuuk the capital of Greenland. You can only get to this secluded spot by boat or helicopter.

The camp is placed among the oldest mountains in the world. (3.8 billion years old). In fact, the only human made thing you will see from the camp are the 800 hundred year old Viking Ruins.

Among towering high mountains at a well protected inlet, the Camp area offers stunning natural views over the ice covered waters, and the magnificent waterfall providing constant flow of fresh water. Next to the sea the Camp is inviting for daily adventures from their anchored boats.

They offer an exclusive stay in their tent camp in the Wilderness of Greenland – awarded as the world’s best Luxury Adventure Hotel by Tatler Magazine in 2019. With comforts such as hot showers, private toilets, hot tub, sauna, chef-prepared meals, and cool soft-adventures, nothing in the Arctic wilderness is comparable.

Wake up to the sound of icebergs cracking into smaller pieces in one of their five sleeping tepees. The tepees are tall enough to stand up in, built on a wooden platform and with a proper bed big enough for two.

There are electric blankets, white duvets, sheepskins and furs, a gas-fired heater and bedside reading lights. Next door another tepee houses the private bathroom — with a proper eco-toilet, basin and a hot shower. A short walk away, along a winding path, they have a bigger tepee, lit by fairy lights and candles, where the award-winning chef is preparing freshly caught local ingredients like reindeer and cod with herbs foraged from around the camp.

As a part of the stay, they offer a wide range of activities to choose from including fishing, kayaking, swimming in the Arctic Ocean, paddleboard among the icebergs, spearfishing, trekking in spectacular surroundings or join for a cup of coffee with the locals in the Inuit village of Kapisillit. All activities are individually adjusted to meet interest and fitness level.

After an exciting day, be sure to enjoy some muscle therapy in their outdoor mineral-rich hot tub which provides the perfect warm spot to enjoy the breath-taking, icy landscape fully.

Their focus is on the individual; therefore, they only accept 12 guests at the time where each group gets their private guide. A glamping adventure in the wilderness of Greenland that is so secluded it can only be accessed by boat or helicopter.

They are the only ones offering a truly high-end immersive food, culture and nature experience in Greenland. The luxury comes in terms of solitude, personally adapted experience and tremendous culinary expertise with the best chefs in the Nordic kitchen.

All the Adventure activities you can imagine: All inclusive:

A stay in the camp includes pick up in Nuuk upon arrival, the stay at the luxury camp, all meals, beverages, transportation, and activities.

I recommend to stay in the camp for at least 3 days, but optional 4 days. In this way, you can start to feel the “healing” effect of nature. When you only stay 2 days you don’t really get the feeling.

After leaving civilization, they will take you on a cruise through one of the oldest places on Earth. Enjoy the feeling of freedom as your busy life and worries fade away.

The cruise is about 80km long, deep into the world’s second largest fiord system. Along the way, you will scout for humpback whales which often traverse these waters. This is where your adventure begins. Lean back, relax, and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sights.

Once you reach the camp, they will take you on a short hike to the beautiful waterfall behind the camp.

This is the final activity of the day, and the hike itself is brief. That said, it does demand a little bit of stamina. It is designed to give them an idea of your overall physical abilities, and is well worth it: the breathtaking view of the Kiattua valley is one you won’t soon forget.

Take a boat cruise to the Kapisillit area, which is a notorious Greenlandic Salmon breeding spot. Fish with your bare hands and traditional rods, then enjoy lunch next to the river.

From there, walk to the settlement of Kapisillit and explore the area, meeting some of the 50 inhabitants. This rich experience will provide you with a glimpse of the local settlement life.

After breakfast, embark on a boat cruise to the fiord, which has a wide range of hiking terrains. They find a route that suits your ability – from no experience, to scrambling to the summit of the tallest mountain (1650m). Hiking back to the sea, you will be met by their boat which will return you to the camp for an exquisite, well-deserved dinner.

Take a boat cruise deep into the Nuuk fjord, stopping on the way at the ice fjord. There, you’ll get the thrilling experience of swimming in the arctic waters and standing on the ice, dressed in our survival suits.

From there, the boat will sail to the most productive glacier and close to all of the peaks, waterfalls, and bays. After lunch, you can go on an afternoon hike, finished off by a delicious dinner.

After a thorough introduction to kayaking, you will hit the fjord in your own kayak and paddle among the ice. This trip is for everyone, whether or not it’s your first time in a kayak. The Camp’s skilled Nomad guides will ensure your safety from the backup boat and kayak.

Some of the world’s best fishing spots for arctic char is in this area. Your expert Nomad guide will show you the favorite spots and provide you with the perfect gear. The fish you catch can then be frozen and packed for travel, or simply handed over to the chef who will craft a delightful, freshly-caught dinner.

After breakfast, take a helicopter tour to the ice cap (not included, and available at extra cost). There the helicopter will land, providing a perfect opportunity for incredible pictures and views. From there, take another helicopter adventure to the Norse ruins. Learn about the Viking heritage and life, until finally being airlifted to a gorgeous view for a scenic lunch. Then, venture back to the camp via boat.

Kiattua retail price list 2021

  • Check-in is from 14:00 and Check-out is before 13:00
  • A day is from check-in to check out.
  • Our prices include activities and personal pick-up and drop-off for guest arriving early and departing late.
  • Outside those times the guest might not have access to a tent, but can still enjoy the common areas.
  • Pick-up, Drop-off in Nuuk and activities outside check-in and check-out is still included in the overall service.
  • Children under the age of 13 are half price.
  • All prices include local TAX

Double Room (tent)

Price per Adult (in Euros)

1 night/2 days: €3.500.-

2 nights/3 days: €4.350.-

3 nights/4 days: €5.000.-

4 nights/5 days: €6.250.-

5 nights/6 days: €7.500.-

6 nights/7 days: €8.750.-

7 nights/ 8 days: €10.000.-

NOTE: If you pay for minimum 6 persons (adults), then you can book the Camp on eclusive basis.

Camp is open from 15 June – 05 September (Summers in Greenland):

The summer is the season of the Midnight Sun and a great time to experience Greenland on both land and water. Whales swim along the shores, icebergs flow from calving glaciers, flowers and plants grow at tremendous speeds, hiking trails open up the backcountry, and boats connect the many communities along the coastline. The climate is generally mild and the weather in Greenland is often fine for long spells through this short, fiery season.

Below is a suggestive 7 Days trip with five nights at Camp Kiattua and one night at Ilimanaq Lodge):

Trip Summary: The price of this trip is provided on request basis, since it includes flights, extra transfers & sightseeing and one night stay at Ilimanaq Lodge.

DAY 1:
1:10 PM Depart from Reykjavik International Airport (RKV)
2:30 PM Arrive at Nuuk Airport (GOH)
– Meet’n greet
– Boat cruise to Camp Kiattua
– Camp Kiattua
– Hike to the waterfall
– Dinner at Camp Kiattua

DAY 2:
8:00 AM Breakfast at the camp
– Inuit way of life
– The inuit way of travel

DAY 3:
8:00 AM Breakfast at the camp
– Hike or scramble
– Catch the elusive char

DAY 4:
8:00 AM Breakfast at the camp
– Power of the ice

DAY 5:
8:00 AM Breakfast at the camp
9:00 AM Camp Kiattua
10:00 AM Cruise back to Nuuk
12:00 PM Check in at Nuuk Airport
12:30 PM Lunch pack while waiting to board the plane
1:20 PM Depart from Nuuk Airport (GOH)
2:15 PM Arrive at Kangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ)
2:55 PM Depart from Kangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ)
3:40 PM Arrive at Ilulissat Airport (JAV)
3:50 PM Transport to Sermiut hike
4:00 PM Hike to Sermermiut 2
6:30 PM Transport to harbour
7:00 PM Boat cruise to Ilimannaq settlement
8:00 PM Ilimanaq Lodge (See images slider show below of the Lodge)
8:15 PM Dinner at Restaurant Egede

DAY 6:
8:00 AM Breakfast at the lodge
9:00 AM Cruise to Ilulissat from Ilimanaq
10:30 AM Private Daytour to Eqi glacier
7:30 PM Dinner at Restaurant Egede

DAY 7:
8:00 AM Breakfast at lodge
8:45 AM Check out at Ilimanaq Lodge
9:00 AM Boat cruise to Ilulissat from Ilimanaq
10:00 AM Last minut shopping/ strolling in the town of Ilulissat
11:00 AM Transport to Airport
12:15 PM Depart from Ilulissat Airport (JAV)
1:00 PM Arrive at Kangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ)
1:25 PM Depart from Kangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ)
6:25 PM Arrive at Reykjavik International Airport (RKV)

Additional camp activities:
– The mighty ice cap by Helicopter
– Deep sea fishing

Additional activities in Ilulissat:
– 9:00 AM Private Disko Island adventure
– Meet the greenlandic dog’s
– 6:30 PM Dinner at local restaurant – Mamartut

Disconnect to Connect at Camp Kiattua: An Inspirational Video

How to book:

You can book your stay at Camp Kiattua, Greenland through their partner agent in India, based out of Delhi, Experiential Travel Journeys Pvt. Ltd. They are a Boutique Travel Design company specialising in off-beat, once in a lifetime bespoke Journeys to destinations worldwide including Greenland.

– Amit Kalsi, Private Travel Designer

B-10 Green Park Main
New Delhi, Delhi 110016

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