Live the life of a nomad and explore Oman in the most unique way, by crossing its mountains, deserts and beaches. A collection of bespoke private luxury camps by Hud Hud Travels, they’ll take you through this enchanting country from the desert to some of the most remote corners. From reclining on sand-moulded sofas on the shores of the Indian ocean to spontaneous Bedouin-style lunches in the Hajar Mountains; they guarantee an Arabian adventure like no other.

Hud Hud Travels has been Oman’s leader in luxury mobile private camps for a decade. From expeditions, events, outdoor team building, hotel-bookings and guiding. Their small but highly experienced team is passionate about taking luxury off the-grid.

With Hud Hud, you can combine a stay at one of Muscat’s world-class hotels with a foray into Northern Oman, setting up camp in both the mountains and the desert. Alternatively, explore the Southern region with the white beaches and salt flats of Bar al Hickman or venture even further to Salalah and the empty quarter.

Each Camp is Private and set up exclusively for your Family or Group of Family and Friends. This presents an opportunity to experience Private Mobile Camping at its best.

Their exclusive temporary settlements are reminiscent of a traditional, luxurious Arabian campsite. Each is created in Hud Hud’s unparalleled style, designed to meld into the natural environment and evoke the timeless ambiance of the region.

Private Camp:

Their luxury bedroom tents vary in style, according to the location and season, in order to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. They are always equipped with proper mattresses, crisp cotton linen, feather pillows and traditional furnishings, with plenty of space for two (either as a twin or double set-up) and room for one child on a camp bed. Each tent has a private bathroom tent that’s open to the skies and furnished with a basin, shower, soft towels and a selection of soaps and lotions.

Whilst at camp, you will also have a large majlis to relax in, decorated in a traditional style with cushions and rugs, books, boules and board games. Their commitment to preserving both energy and atmosphere means that they only use solar-powered lights, along with candles, oil lamps and camp fires.

Dinner is a magical experience, served under the stars beside a crackling fire along with appropriate glasses, china crockery, candles and linen tablecloths.


At Hud Hud Travels they specialise in creating unforgettable journeys throughout Oman for single travellers, couples, families and groups.

Northern Oman allow guests to visit Muscat and its surroundings as well as the more rural sides of the country.

  1. Wahiba Sands

The desert landscape of the Wahiba Sands is renowned within Oman for its remoteness and is home to some of the most spectacular dunes in the entire country. The sun-dyed amber hues of the sands have an almost mystical charm; both beautiful and barren, one immediately becomes captivated by the stillness and emptiness of this arid land, enhanced only further by its relationship to historical figures such as Lawrence of Arabia and Wilfred Thesiger.

Whilst in the Wahiba Sands you sleep in authentic handmade Bedouin tents, carefully selected and situated to suit both the environment and the views. (Although, occasionally this will change depending on the season and weather conditions.) Have an open air shower, relax in luxury tents and feast on gourmet food after a day’s camel riding or driving across the sand.

They normally camp around 40 kilometres into the Wahiba so as to evoke a true sense of solitude and stillness, completely removed from the distraction of cars, pollution and electric light. All of their tours are private and can range from one night in the desert to an eight-night 1,000km expedition from Muscat to Salalah via boats, camels, cars and quad bikes.

As well as desert based activities such as dune driving, sand-boarding and camel riding, the journey from Muscat takes guests on a spectacular drive over the Eastern Hajar Mountains and includes visits to 2,500 BC tombs; traditional villages; old forts and watchtowers; date plantations; wadis and canyons. They recommend guests spend two nights here to really get a sense of local life and culture in the desert or, for a memorable contrast, combine it with a stay in the mountains.

2. Hajar Mountains

Situated amongst some of Oman’s most dramatic scenery, the Hajar Mountains (translated as ‘Stone Mountains’) provide an excellent base from which to explore this region and experience the rich culture and breathtaking vistas that Oman has to offer.

Rising up to just over three thousand metres above sea-level, the Hajar Mountain range is the highest In the Arabian peninsula, and is home to some of Oman’s most sensational scenery.

They usually set up camp within easy reach of the old capital city of Nizwa- a historical town famous for its souq, ancient forts and weekend cattle market. Their camp is also situated near the UNESCO listed town of Bahla and a host of spectacular mountain villages and date plantations.

From here, guests can discover the local geology and flora, visit some traditional mountain villages and meet plenty of local people. Romantics and keen astronomers won’t be disappointed either; the night sky is extraordinary thanks to the remoteness of the camp and minimal light pollution.

Whilst in the mountains, you can expect cooler temperatures and clearer air, which makes for very favourable trekking conditions. Explore the vastness of this rugged land by foot to truly soak up the energy and expansiveness that is has to offer. Or, if you’d prefer something lighter, you can take an easy meander through one of the many ancient villages and have lunch in the leafy shade of a date palm.

3. Bar al Hickman

A five hour drive south of Muscat leads to the white sand beaches of Bar al Hickman. A 50km squared salt plane of dramatic lunar landscape must be crossed in order to reach the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean.Travelling over the vast, empty salt flats where the horizon and sky flirt to become one is a truly unique and other-worldly experience.

Once you reach the coast, you’ll be greeted by the warm, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Here, you can swim in the shallow waters of the lagoons and watch the resident flamingos and many other migrant and resident birds. Spend the morning beach-combing along miles of white sand, relax back with a book and refreshing drink in the majlis before feasting on a freshly prepared seafood barbecue in the evening.

Southern Oman for those returning to Oman or with more time to explore should consider visiting the Dhofar region with its contrasting scenery, historical sites and fascinating people.

  1. Empty Quarter

Visit the capital city of Southern Oman’s Dhofar province, Salalah- a tropical coastal town laced with palm trees and banana plantations. This relatively unexplored region boasts a contrasting hot desert climate and an annual ‘Khareef’ monsoon, which sees the landscape transformed into a green oasis between the months of July-September.

Located between the Arabian sea and the Dhofar Mountains, this is Oman’s second-largest city. After exploring Salalah’s atmospheric old town we’ll head over to The Empty Quarter – a spellbinding, expansive desert (and home to the world’s largest sand dunes), to experience the breathtaking silence that inhabits this landscape, visiting UNESCO world heritage sights along the way.

2. Mirbat

The coastal town of Mirbat has been put on the map due to its interesting history, as it was once the scene of intense fighting in the 1970’s known as the Battle Of Mirbat. The Khor Rori- an ancient archeological site, rumoured to have once housed one of the Queen of Sheba’s palaces and a major port involved in the Frankincense exportation in ancient times only adds to the rich history of the area.

In addition to its fascinating history, Mirbat is also home to some of the Dhofar regions most spectacular beaches and coastal scenery, making it a truly unique place to visit.

For the Adventure Seeker: Trekking & Luxury

A. Seven Day Northern Itinerary with Jebel Shams, Wahiba Sands & Selma

Hiking through Northern Oman is a wonderful way to explore some of the region’s most stunning scenery and fascinating geology. Treks vary from gentle strolls through the winding lanes of Misfat al Abriyyin; a balcony walk around Jebel Shams; the more vigourous five hour climb up Jebel Akhdar and various challenging multi-day hikes over the Eastern Hajar Mountains.

B. A North to South Adventure:

Putting together unusual, bespoke journeys is Hud Hud speciality and passion. The intensity of their expeditions will be tailored to suit your personal requirements, interests and abilities.

There are endless opportunities for those looking for adventure and activity; from trekking to caving, abseiling to canyoning and kayaking to kitesurfing. With such a contrasting, diverse landscape, why not take the adventure of a lifetime and travel the length of Oman in style, beginning in Muscat and ending in Salalah in the south.

Past excursions have seen guests leave Muscat by boat and arrive in Salalah five days later by quad bike as part of an epic expedition which saw the group travelling over mountains, across deserts, along beaches and deep into the fabled Empty Quarter.

Each night they designed and constructed a uniquely styled luxury camp whilst different chefs cooked up five star cuisine in astonishing locations.

Oman’s Rich Nature & Culture in Pictures:

How to book:

You can contact Hud Hud Travels in Oman or use their partner agent in India, Experiential Travel Journeys Pvt. Ltd., which is a Boutique Travel Design company based out of New Delhi, specialising in Bespoke Journeys to Oman and beyond.

– Amit Kalsi, Private Travel Designer

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