During lockdown, many of us found the joy (and ease) of online shopping. So, whilst the world of safari to Africa still needs some time to re-open its doors… why not indulge in some online retail therapy (that gives back) to feed your safari travel bug.

Listed below are some of the finest artisans, creatives and fashion-forward brands which leave their local communities and wildlife in Africa in a better place.

Ardmore Ceramics

Acclaimed as “modern day collectibles’ by the auction house Christie’s, the work of Ardmore’s artists has won them numerous awards.

Each Ardmore Ceramic is handmade, unique and created by local artists from the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, They are given training, materials, a studio, and a guaranteed market for their work, under the guidance of the founder, Fée Halsted, a fine artist herself.

Pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the world, leading to a drastic decline in their numbers. Artist, Tebogo, has created a magnificent pangolin, masterwork sculpture for Endangered Species Day.

Shop here: Ardmore Ceramic

Duncan Butchart Artworks

With his new “African Journey Collection”, Duncan celebrates Africa’s most iconic destinations in a series of vintage-inspired travel poster-prints. Illustrated and designed to capture the essence of each memorable locality, the retro wall art series awareness and pride in Africa’s protected areas – vital reservoirs of biodiversity and focal point for tourism that bring economic benefits for local communities.

Shop here: Duncan Butchart Artworks

Heinrich Filter Bronzes

Heinrich Filter’s art is inspired by Africa’s magnificent wildlife and people.

Taking inspiration from the bush, and his previous experience as a safari guide in Botswana, Heinrich’s creations strive to capture the essence and beauty of the animals & people he sculpts.

Working with bronze and silver, each piece is exclusively sculpted, cast, chased and finished by Heinrich himself – from beginning to end. Using the lost wax method of bronzing, each piece is cast in his foundry and it is finished individually by hand.

Shop here: Heinrich Filter Bronzes

Lalela Scarf

Lalela Scarf feature inspiring designs from the young artists in Lalela after-school programs; a non-profit arts education programme for at-risk youth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A large percentage of the proceeds from each sale, on the website, goes towards helping young innovators find their voice and overcome the narrative of poverty through the transformative power of arts education.

The gorgeous designs that give the Lalela Scarf such a vibrant appeal have been created using Lalela learners’ original artworks. For every 24 scarves sold, a Lalela classroom is funded for a year.

Shop here: Lalela Scarf

Mokoro Collection Jewellery

Mokoro is authentically African and passionate about bringing the beauty of Africa to the world through an exclusive collection of tanzanite, diamond and gold jewellery. The Mokoro Collection is inspired by the exquisitely diverse people, colours and vistas of the stunning African continent.

Steeped in rich tradition spanning over 1,000 years, it is believed that wearing an elephant hair bracelet would protect you from harm and bring great fortune. Each strand represents certain aspects of the wearer’s life, such as love, health or wealth. The knots in the bracelet represent God’s hands holding the strands together.

Traditionally, the bracelets were made purely from elephant hair, as Africans believe that elephants are a connecting factor of Earth and Heaven. This traditional piece of African jewellery is now available in Sterling silver and/or 14ct gold, or a combination with synthetic hair.

Shop here: Mokoro Collection Jewellery

New Headings

Made by Figue, noted for its luxury collection & designs for women, this natural canvas digitally-printed zip pouch is a limited edition and only 63 pouches are left to buy.

Proceeds from the sale of each item will benefit rhino conservation.

Rhino horn remains one of the most sought after animal products in the illegal wildlife trade. Its value is greater than gold, making these iconic animals high-value targets for poachers.

Since 2008, more than 8,493 rhinos have been poached in South Africa, severely depleting the remaining numbers. With a rhino killed at an average rate of one every eight hours, there are more rhinos being poached than born every year.

Shop here: New Headings

Beverly Joubert – Fine Art Photography

Beverly is an intuitive photographer rather than a technical one, a person who lives and breathes Africa and its wild open places filled with big cats and elephants, racing zebras or bubbling lava flows.

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, just one of 14 people selected to represent this level of professionalism in the Society, she has specialized in African photography for nearly 30 years, with images in a dozen or more National Geographic Magazines, in 10 books, and thousands of articles around the world.

Shop here: Beverly Joubert

Singita Boutique & Gallery

High-end design and an effortlessly chic safari style are trademarks of the Singita experience, and something that is carried through in all of their properties, whether classic or contemporary.

Over the years, the introduction of Boutique & Galleries at the lodges has allowed their guests the opportunity to take home a memento that not only reminds them of their safari adventure with them but adds a unique and stylish touch of Africa to their homes.

The online catalogue is a natural progression and extension of the shopping experiences offered at Singita’s lodges. It provides visitors with an online platform to browse and select items from a carefully curated lifestyle collection – and place orders with a dedicated customer consultant.

Singita frequently collaborates with craftspeople and artisans to create sought-after items that echo Africa’s diverse natural landscapes, reflect the beauty of the continent’s cultures and celebrate local traditions.

Many items are handmade using traditional crafting techniques and by purchasing these goods, one helps provide secure employment to these local artists and contribute significantly to the upliftment and empowerment of local communities.

Shop here: Singita Boutique & Gallery

– Amit Kalsi, Private Travel Designer

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